Who is Bone?

Bone makes you different.

If you have seen the lovely penguin USB drive somewhere, please note that it comes from “Bone”, which is a brand from Taiwan that has been devoted itself to make creative and delicate design stuff to share with people all over the world.

Taiwan has been well-known for the excellent ability in OEM; however, Bone wants to do more. In order to develop a brand which can be popular in the world, Bone has been devoted itself to produce products with flawless quality which requires mature manufacturing ability, high cost, unique ideas, and amazing design; most important of all, the Taiwanese spirit and culture are the soul of Bone which are indispensible. Showing the world our amazing design and speaking out loud that Bone is from Taiwan has always been our motivation and target.

How does an affective idea be carried out from a thought to a piece of work and even become a trend? How does the trend become popular and be accepted by the consumers? How does a simple creation transfer to be a product wrapped with the wonderful package? And how does the product become a brand staying in the consumer s’ hearts? The answers to the questions above are tough; nevertheless, Bone, gathering a group of people with dreams, has overcome all the obstacles and finally presented the perfect products surprising everyone.

Now, you can find Bone not only in Taiwan, but also in several countries around the world. This amazing result is due to the perseverance and the faith of all the members in Bone. It might seem to be an ordinary choice for you to buy Bone products; however, there is something unusual behind the choices. There are a small group of people being noticed by the world for their outstanding creativity, vision, and capability.

Bone's Design

Fall in Love with Bone Design at First Sight

Just with once glance, you can’t take your eyes away from Bone products. Every piece of work from Bone touches your heart and enriches you lives. The unique and adorable design first appeals you with the attractive style and then it surprise you with the smart functions. From continuous sophisticated observation, Bone extracts impressing ideas from ordinary stuff which can always make you smile and let you be different in a better way.


Not only a product, but the essence of spirit

There are uncountable failures behind a successful product. However, with strong will and perseverance, Bone has overcome the obstacles and created the wonderful products. During the tough process, Bone still believes that meaningful and humantic design is something that cannot be compromised. The spirit of design is the same as the soul to life. Bone sticks to the principle of producing useful and functional design products instead of making the products which mostly become a waste of resources and money. Because of our insistence, Bone has been dedicated in inventing design stuff that can be owned and with reasonable prices and have the chance to share our unique ideas all over the world. Let us spend every penny on products like Bone ones.

Bone's Products

Our adoration for creation

The process of creating is difficult; however, the outcome is sweet. The indescribable sense of achievement supports Bone to stick to our idea and make us cherish every design as the treasure. We customize the crystal clear bottle as the stage for the first performance of our lovely USB drives. The special bottles always attract the people’s attention just like the spot lights.


Colorful Mind v.s. Green Design

"Bone cares about our environment as well as great design. The high quality environmental silicone without heavy metal is 100% degradable. The changeable coats for the USB drives allow you to have a whole new product with no need to make unnecessary consumption. The most environmentalfriendly design is the best design which makes consumers keeping the products longer. Preserve the environment and treasure our design explains why Bone is green."

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