iPad Folio mini

  • Adorable back button gives either eye-catching or functional features.
  • Cleverly use front cover as a kickstand and provide two comfortable using angles (25 degree for typing and 60 degree reading angle).
  • Light-weighted case, which is perfectly fit with the form and shape of iPad mini.
  • Elegant, wavy outer shield is easy for users to hold on.
  • Provide distinguished scratch-proof feature by adopting frosted PU synthetic leather and microfiber.
  • Screen protector included.



Size: 138x202x11mm
Net Weight: 90g

Screen Protector

Defend your screen against scratches and dirt, through the static absorption effect, even when we tear off there will not be any residues. High transparency PET is used as material, and would not be affected when using the screen protection sticker.

PC Material

Made of PC material, heat and impact resistant.

Silicone Material

Made of the environment-friendly silicone material, recyclable, non-polluting and earth-friendly.

Installation Instruction

Step 1

Place the side with iPad mini volume button along the case and put in.

Step 2

Push two corners of device into the iPad Folio mini.

Step 3

Gently press the rest of the corners into the iPad Folio mini.

Removal Instruction

Step 1

Erect your iPad mini as the screen toward you; place the longer side against the desk.

Step 2

Slightly push two attached points( the pointed place in the photo) between device and case until they’re separated.

Step 3

Gently take out the iPad mini from the protective case.

System Message