Phone Bubble 5

  • Innovative air bubble design protects against accidental impacts.
  • Interchangeable home button feature.
  • Washable silicone .
  • 100% Bio-degradable.
  • Includes screen protector.



Size: 68x132x13mm
Net Weight: 24g

Innovative air bubble design (Patented)

Unique bump resistant design for complete protection. When users accidentally drop their phone, 75% of potential impact will occur at the 4 corners of the phone. The half-hollow bubble become the buffer while the gadget falling.

Patent Number: M344774, ZL200820127839.1

Silicone Material

Made of the environment-friendly silicone material, recyclable, non-polluting and earth-friendly.

Dirt Resistant Treatment

After the dirt-resistant treatment of the surface, it can be cleaned with water, the dirt can be easily removed.

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