“Old Design‧New Story” Starlux Airlines little aircraft

Old Design‧New Story

This design of a USB flash drive, without a cap, has solved the problem of the cap always being misplaced after it had been taken off. This is a small problem that many people have encountered. This clever idea that sprung up from one of life’s inconveniences has triggered our inspiration and started the journey of interaction between character IPs and creative products.

These lovely and cute cartoon characters, inspired by animals in nature or historical figures, integrated with the patented capless design, has indeed taken Taiwan's creativity to many different corners of the world.

The capless design has solved the problem of losing caps

Let's look at this based on two points of view:

1. Using a practical function to solve the problem of losing the cap

2. The emotional connection conveyed by the cartoon characters

This idea has also indirectly contributed to our co-operation with other international brands and has given us the opportunity to jointly launch cartoon products. This time, Bone and STARLUX have joined hands in launching the airline cartoon USB flash drive, which has given the rare opportunity of opening an airline in Taiwan. During this period, beginning with its CIS identification system, we have seen Starlux Airlines introducing a uniform design for its flight attendants and a cartoon animation pre-flight announcement before takeoff, showing off the international vision of Starlux Airlines in its emphasis on design.

I sincerely hope that Starlux Airlines will write another great story of Taiwan in the sky.

In addition to the Starlux cartoon plane USB flash drive, Bone has also launched a series of highly acclaimed cartoon Cartoon USB flash drives , take a look if you are interested!

Cartoon USB flash drives have always been one of Bone’s best-selling products
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