The Design Story of Android Little Green Man | Bone's Customized Android Little Green Man Diffuser for Google

The Android Green Robot is a logo representing the Android operating system developed by Google. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Android system. The Android robot is a fully green-colored robot with a semi-circular head, two antennae, and blank dots for eyes. There is a gap between its head and body, resembling a flat-bottomed egg, and it has two rounded rectangular shapes on each side as its arms. Surprisingly, the inspiration for this little green robot logo came from restroom signs. In 2021, Bone also designed a 3D version of the Android Green Robot for Google, combining it with the Wood Diffuser by Bone, creating a unique and creative expression of lifestyle.
Bone customized a 3D stereoscopic Android Green Robot for Google.

Google's Android Green Robot and Bone's Creative Design
The Design Story of Android Green Robot
Fun Dessert Names for the Android System
Redesigning and Optimizing the Android Green Robot Logo
Bone's Customized Android Green Robot Diffuser for Google

The Design Story of Android Green Robot

Android Green Robot Designed by Irina Blok
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During the early development of the Android operating system, Google was in search of a symbol that could represent the Android brand and evoke a sense of friendliness and cuteness to capture users' attention and affection. The design of the Android Green Robot began in 2007 and was undertaken by a designer named Irina Blok. Initially tasked with creating a design based on the theme of "robots," she drew inspiration from science fiction movies and characters. However, it was ultimately the male and female symbols on restroom doors that sparked her imagination and led to the creation of the iconic Android Green Robot that we see today.

Creation of the Android Open Source Logo
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Due to Android being an open system, Irina Blok and her colleagues decided to transform the Android Little Green Man into an open source logo. They created a logo that embraced open collaboration, allowing anyone to modify it and transform it into different characters such as Hello Kitty, Superman, or a ninja. This represents the open spirit that Android embodies. Open source logos are often used to foster a sense of shared identity and participation within the open source community. The defining characteristic of an open source logo is its freedom and openness. Unlike trademarks associated with proprietary software, open source logos can be widely used and modified, symbolizing the values and spirit of the open source community.

Fun Dessert Names for the Android System

Dessert Names of the Android System

The initial naming convention of Android versions was based on robots, with each version having a robot name. However, due to copyright issues, Google changed the naming convention and started using dessert names to name each version, following alphabetical order. For example, Cupcake was the first version to use a dessert name. Below are the dessert names for different versions:
Android 1.5 - April, 2009 - Cupcake
Android 1.6 - September, 2009 - Donut
Android 2.0 - October, 2009 - Eclair
Android 2.2 - May, 2010 - Froyo
Android 2.3 - December, 2010 - Gingerbread
Android 3.0 - February, 2011- Honeycomb
Android 4.0 - October, 2011 - Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1 - June, 2012- Jelly Bean
Android 4.4 - October, 2013 - KitKat
Android 5.0 - November, 2014- Lollipop
Android 6.0 - October, 2015- Marshmallow
Android 7.0 - August, 2016 - Nougat
Android 8.0 - August, ​​2017 - Oreo
Android 9.0 - August, 2018- Pie
Android 10 - September, 2019- no dessert name
In the past, using dessert names to name Android versions was a thing of the past. Considering that the general public may not understand the relevance of these desserts, and in order to avoid choosing lesser-known desserts just to fit the alphabetical order, it could lead to confusion. Therefore, for better understanding, Google decided to discontinue the practice of using dessert names for future Android versions.

Redesigning and Optimizing the Android Green Robot Logo

Optimized Android Mascot Logo
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Starting from 2014, Google made a series of modifications to improve the Android mascot's branding and color scheme. These changes included altering the typography of the Android wordmark, adjusting the expressions of the mascot, and refining the colors used. One significant change was the shift from green to black for the Android wordmark. This change was made considering the lower legibility of green, particularly for individuals with visual impairments who may have difficulty distinguishing green text. Additionally, the expressions and colors of the Android mascot were also fine-tuned.

Bone's Customized Android Green Robot Diffuser for Google

Android Little Green Man Wood Diffuser: Cultivate Your Own Fragrance

In 2021, Bone customized an Android Little Green Man Diffuser for Google. Bone transformed the 2D design of the Android Little Green Man into a creative 3D representation, combining it with the Wood Diffuser from Bone. The adorable Android Little Green Man figurine not only holds great collectible value but also gains added value with its fragrance functionality. Bone values creativity, environmental friendliness, cuteness, and a joyful lifestyle. We continuously explore new possibilities and think from the user's perspective: How can we approach life in a more environmentally friendly and positive way? We chose natural beechwood blocks that require no power source. By harnessing the natural capillary diffusion of the wood, the diffuser releases the fragrance of natural essential oils, allowing the scent to disperse in the space in the most primitive and eco-friendly manner.Natural Aromatic Essential Oils,Allow fragrances to disperse in the space in the most primitive and eco-friendly manner, combined with different adorable characters, providing users with a soothing and environmentally friendly aromatic experience.

蹦克為Google 設計的原木擴香台
Bone designed the Wood Diffuser featuring the Android Little Green Man for Google.
蹦克的天然精油 Essential-Oil
Bone's Natural Essential Oil Collection - Creating a Ritual of Healing Aromas in Everyday Life.

The wood diffuser can diffuse Natural Aromatic Essential Oilsthe delightful aroma diffuses in the space, allowing oneself to relax the mind and body, alleviate work stress, and reduce anxiety. It can also be layered with other essential oils to cultivate a personalized fragrance. Bone's natural fragrance essential oils include lemongrass,lemonroselavender jasminesweet orangetea treesandalwoodclary sagechamomile,choose your favorite scent to create a personalized ritual of aromatic bliss in your daily life.

Bone transformed Google's Android Little Green Man into a creative 3D representation.

The Bone brand was established in Taiwan in 2005, dedicated to creative product development. By carefully observing the details of life and triggering inspiration, we create interesting and practical designs. We prioritize environmental friendliness in our product design by using eco-friendly materials. We also employ the concept of "universal design and shared components" to maximize the efficiency of energy-consuming processes such as mold production and product manufacturing, aiming to minimize our impact on the Earth. Bounce embraces a spirit of diverse and innovative creativity, creating a wide range of design products that make every moment of life an opportunity for inspiration.

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