【Bone Unbox】Bone Phone Ringtie

Unboxing universal phone case - Phone Ringtie by Bone Collection

【Unboxing】Bone Phone Ringtie


Today, I am going to introduce one of Bone Collection’s designs “Phone Ringtie ” . The Phone Ringtie is made of eco-friendly silicon, therefore, it is very elastic and compatible with different types of smartphones. Bone Collection is a brand that emphasizes eco-friendliness and practicality, that is the reason why many of its products have these two features. The colors I am going to unbox are Classic Black and Red.


According to the product description, the case can fit the smartphone screen size from 4.7 up to 7.2 inches, with full access to all buttons and screen features. We will test these mentioned product features to see whether they are elastic and compatible as described.


I will use LG G6、SAMSUNG NOTE9、SONY XZP as the testing smartphone models to do the unboxing.

It was quite easy to install on LG G6, however, it did need to be slightly adjusted to match the smartphone bottom. Yet, the Phone Ringtie does fit LG G6 perfectly!

The photos above are Samsung Note9 with the Phone Ringtie. Note9’s screen size has been greatly enhanced, so it requires more adjustment and time to install the phone case. However, the Phone Ringtie can fit the big smartphones like Samsung Note9 as well. The silicone case is entirely stretchable, even if it seems like it might snap or break. But Bone’s Phone Ringtie can definitely fit big-screen smartphones!

The last model, Sony XZP. The installment process for Sony XZP was not as smooth as LG G6 and Samsung Note 9, due to the right-angle shape of the phone. It was more time-consuming to install, yet it did seemingly fit in the end. All in all, I recommend smartphone users with phone models like Sony XZP to try the case before purchasing in case the case doesn’t suit your phone.

Overall, Bone Collection’s Phone Ringtie fit all three types of smartphones, so its flexibility and compatibility are, in general, excellent. However, it is a universal phone case, therefore, it requires smartphones to be in a round-corner shape to have good protection. Right-angle shape smartphones such as Sony XZP we showed in the pictures above, was not as easy to install like other model types.

Yet, Bone’s Phone Ringtie is simple and universal. It can satisfy the smartphone users who are looking for simple and compact universal phone cases. Most importantly, it is eco-friendly and scratch-proof. You won’t have to worry about the case when you put it in your bag or along with keys or coins.

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