Keep your spirits up with fragrance! 6 Places to Add Fragrance in Life!

The power of smell can trigger memories in the brain. When someone smells something, the olfactory nerve transmits the information activated by the scent to the part of the olfactory bulb that detects the smell. After the smell is analysed, it is sent through nerves to the brain's memory region where it is then stored in the hippocampus, which is in charge of memory. Have you ever noticed that when you smell a particular scent, a long-forgotten memory suddenly comes to mind?

The effect of odor memory

"Odor memory" has a direct impact on the brain's emotions and thought processes. Your life will run more smoothly and be filled with good energy when you add fragrance to the appropriate location. In order to start a lovely day filled with scent, let's look at the top 6 areas in life to place fragrance.

Healing Fragrance
Smell is recorded in the memory storage area of the brain. (Image credit: Elly Johnson on Unsplash)

1.Inside the car

Cars are the means of transportation for many people to commute to work every day. However, the traffic is always congested during peak hours. Worrying about being late and being in a confined space in the car make people feel anxious more easily. Put a car fragrance you like in the car, and it is recommended to avoid using a fragrance with a strong scent. In addition to waking you up, mint, lemongrass, cedar, and other herbal aromas help calm your unpleasant mood brought on by traffic congestion.

Natural essential oils are the first choice for many when choosing a fragrance. It has several advantages in addition to being free from health risks. It can ease tiredness, calm the mind and body, promote sleep, calm the emotions, ease respiratory pain, and more

car fragrance
It makes people uneasy when the traffic is busy. (Image credit: Ryan Porter on Unsplash)

2. Bathroom

Placing a diffuser in the bathroom will always make it smell wonderful, even if there isn't a peculiar smell there. The bathroom will gradually turn into a relaxing and pleasant space for you. Fragrance such as sweet orange, lavender, jasmine, chamomile can help you relax. People might take pleasure in their alone time when taking a bathroom break, getting dressed, and taking a bath.

Bathroom fragrance
Adding fragrance to the bathroom can improve the ambience. (Image credit: Phil Hearing on Unsplash)

3. Wardrobe and shoe cabinet

Wardrobes and shoe cabinets are small and closed furniture, which are prone to a stuffy and damp smell. It is a smart idea to place fragrance inside them in addition to doing dehumidification. The aroma will enter your nose as soon as you open the cabinet, masking the smell of the musty shoe cabinet and closet and enabling you to start the new day with good vibes.

It doesn't matter if there isn't enough room inside the closet and shoe cabinet to keep the diffusers and scented candles. Diffuser strap from Bone fits anywhere! It is a one-piece strap design that is lightweight and can be attached to a wardrobe rod. It is simple for you to mount it to a flat wall thanks to the included circular hook sticker. The hook will not mark the wall and leave no glue residue. Add 3 - 4 drops of essential oil or perfume to reusable diffuser beech chips for long-lasting fragrance. You can also mix oils with essential oils to make your favourite essential oil recipes. There are also cute and environmentally friendly silicone sleeves, which are suitable for gifts and personal use!

wardrobe fragrance
Diffuser strap from Bone is lightweight and can be strapped to a wardrobe rod.

4. Office desk

The mood at work is directly impacted by the workplace. Put a relaxing scent on the table. It not only relaxes your stressed body and mind at work, but it also enables you to keep a positive working environment, which in turn increases productivity.

Office desk fragrance
Fill your work area with a cosy scent to help you work more efficiently. (Image credit: Arthur Lambillotte on Unsplash)

5. Entryway

The entryway is the facade of a home. Placing a fragrance in the entryway can help improve your mood. If you invite guests to your home, it is also a hospitality etiquette to smell the fragrance as soon as the guest enters your home. You'll also want to smell a comforting fragrance when you return home from work to reduce stress and make life more ritualistic.

Entryway fragrance
As soon as you step on the entryway, you can smell the familiar fragrance of home. (Image credit: Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash)


Having fragrance in your carry-on bag can make others feel better about you whether you're male or female. When someone approaches you, they will be able to smell the aroma and leave them great first impression. The scent from the bag might also help you feel better when you open it and take something.

bag fragrance
When you open the bag, you may smell a light scent that uplifts your spirits. (Image credit: Lee Campbell on Unsplash)

Placing a scent is a simple action, yet it may subtly change how you feel throughout the day. A pleasant aroma helps you feel wonderful. Find the scent that suits you and put it in the places mentioned above. Give it a try!

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