【Bone Sport】How to "Run" ?

Running might seem simple, but do you know how to run correctly?

In recent years, more and more people value the importance of health and fitness. If you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, then start running! “Running” might seem easy, it seems that it is a sport that only requires a pair of sneakers. The posture of running matters. Run in the wrong posture can cause a sports injury, as well as causing stress for your knees and legs. Therefore, we are going to share some tips with you to run in the correct way to help you to be fit! Here are the tips:

1.Don’t do long stride and tilt your body

Striding while running will cause the center of weight to switch to the front, as a result, the knees will absorb all the impact; knees can be easily hurt in this way. It is best to land with feet while running, so the arches of the feet can distribute the impact. Additionally, the body takes more impact if the thigh muscles don’t have enough muscle strength. thus arms and legs have to synchronize. Lift your leg when one of your arms swing back to spread the force.

2.Always do a warm-up before running

Many people ignore this step, but a warm-up is the most important step before a workout session. Drastic workout or training without a proper workout causes cramps or joint harm, or even sports injury. A simple 10-minutes warm-up can warm your muscles to be ready for the exercise. Pre-workout warm-up is very important, don’t skip it!

3.Don’t hunch and look forwards while running

Hunchback running increases the stress in the waist. Eyes should look forwards naturally, instead of downwards or upwards. Because the neck and the back muscles are most relaxed in this posture. Shoulders and the arms should be about a 90-degree angle, the hand swing shouldn’t exceed your chest.

4. Cooling down after running

Except for warm-up, cooling down routine is also very essential after running! Through stretching the muscles after a workout, it can efficiently prevent post-workout pain or any injury. Cooling down also helps muscles and joints metabolism return to regular status. Don’t forget to do the cooling down routine after running, so your legs can stay lean and thin!

5. Be perseverant!

Unquestionably, for all these running and exercising to be effective, you have to be perseverant! Only with perseverance, your body and health can be improved through running. We recommend you to set a workout plan. However, it is important to not to be too ambitious if you have never had a regular workout schedule before. For novices, it is suggested, to begin with, one to three times a week in short distance. At this stage, the most important thing is not to lose weight or run crazy miles but to develop a habit.

It could be quite boring for some runners to run alone, therefore, we highly recommend all the alone runners to get a run tie so you can listen to the music or podcast while running. A run tie can secure the phone on the runner’s arm, so you don’t have to hold your phone in your hand or your pocket! With a running armband, you can run while listening to your favorite running playlist, or using a running app to keep track of your record. Isn’t it convenient?

For running to work, runners have to avoid all those mentioned mistakes. Remember to see a doctor if your knees or muscles feel uncomfortable or painful after a run. It is also better to wear running shoes, not normal flat shoes. Shoes that are not designed for running can’t reduce the impact properly, wearing the wrong shoes can change your running posture as well. Last but not least, it is really not hard to start exercising! Why not start with running? Or even just a long stroll outside work will be a nice start, too. Just a few hours every week, you will notice the difference in your body!

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