【Bone Sport】Strive to be fit!

Before whole Instagram of impressive running records and medals...

This is Christian. He is a runner. But don’t let his runner image fool you. He is also a graphic designer, a husband, a dad, and a traveler. There isn’t something that we need to do and Christian doesn’t. But there is something Christian has but not many people have, that is -- the strong will and drive to run.

Perhaps, to be precise, what really drives Christian is the sense of the emergency and achievement. “I had Asthma when I was a kid, as I grow up I hated running or any other cardio exercise as I get easily tired. Later on, I moved to Dubai to work, as the years pass, I notice something is not right... I'm getting out of shape, having difficulties wearing my old clothes as I'm gaining weight, I was 75KG that time already and my tummy is getting bigger as I notice, then I told myself I don't want to be like this... but still food is very difficult to control.” Christian told us how he was like before he began to exercise and how did he decide to change his old lifestyle.

“One day in our office there's a new CrossFit gym that opened next to our office, they offered one month of free trial of all their facilities plus a free training class, then our CEO invited all of us to join in the first day then the rest of the month is up to us... as the training goes with all of the workouts like burpees, box jumps, wall balls, running, etc. Suddenly I feel something different that I almost fainted, my colleague assists me to lay on the floor and get water, I really felt dizzy that time and embarrassed at the same time. After that afternoon, I told myself that this is it... I grabbed the opportunity to work out for free at that CrossFit then started to remove rice and bread! Cold turkey! I focused on my goal... to be healthy and fit. I did not continue CrossFit though but since then I was running.”

“The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham.

Christian generously shared his journey through images of his transformation in body shape. If you have been in a similar situation, you will agree the hardest part is to be completely honest with yourself. To look at yourself and admit that something needs to be changed, to motivate yourself to act, to accept the setbacks on the way, and to believe that you will reach that goal. Christian is living proof that all of these are achievable. They are not something exclusive for glamorous Instagram influencers, full-time body trainer or to be a gym club member. It probably takes a lot of perseverance, determination and time. But we hope that through Christian’s journey, you can be a bit more assuring. It is not easy, but it is possible.

Instagram Photo by: @lostmagpie

When we asked Christian about his favorite running track, he kindly shared with us, “One of my favorite Running Track was in Dubai - it was called The Dubai Canal. You have the view of Dubai Business Bay, Canal, with some uphills and of course very friendly runners around you. It's a concrete road with a 6.5km of waterfront.”


You can follow Christian's journey on his Instagram account @ian.runs

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