[Bone Collection on Product] TAKUMI 801 trail bike x Bike Mobile Rack – a good helper for outings

Have a cycling trip anytime you want. Ride when you feel like it, stop when you feel like it.

Getting away at any time has become a part of life and has also become a way of "just getting away from the hustle bustle".

TAKUMI 801 small bike

My memory of my first bicycle is now very blurred, but from then up until now, I can remember several insistences of "simple, practical and good looking" bicycle accessories. As I grew up, I learnt through my experiences that the rapid evolution of 3G devices, meant that mobile apps had more and more functions. Without having to use a professional bicycle watch, I could use a free bicycle app to get to where I wanted to go! However, at the same time, I also had to rely more and more on mobile phones and a portable charger, and thus ended up having to take so many things whenever I wanted to go out. "When did it become so difficult to ride a bike? "

Coincidentally, I went to a bike show and visited the booth of Bone Collection, a design company in Taiwan and I immediately saw the tool of my dreams! (Now that I’m thinking about it, I really had a feeling of going back to my past when I saw it). The DoubleBike Tie for mobile phones!

Bone showcased all kinds ofBike Tie.
Various kinds of handlebar and bike frame mobile phone racks; there is also a portable power version

Navigation, music, messaging; all of these use a huge amount of power; so, this combination of a mobile phone rack + a mobile power holder layer, was "my dream bicycle mobile phone rack!" Although my heart was surging, as a veteran cyclist, I still had to make a rational analysis!!!
1、Good looking
2、Simple and fast assembly/disassembly
3、Tested to fit my portable mobile charger (Xiaomi mobile power 10000)
Unfortunately, the products were only on display and not for sale at the show. The on-site personnel said that Bone’s retail store was at Banqiao station 1F (one of the few stations in Taiwan providing high-speed rail, ordinary rail and MRT from the same place), and there were also physical distribution channels (Eslite, Fayake, etc.) throughout the province. Finally, I chose the convenience of online shopping! It didn't take long to receive the order, and I opened the box immediately!

Bone Bike Tie Pro Pack
The maximum size of mobile power supply that can be used with it, has a total length and width of not more than 88mm
Bone Bike Tie + iphone8+ Xiaomi portable charger 10,000

As shown in the figure, my bicycle handlebars are not wide. After installation, the phone tie was perfectly placed in the middle of the bike frame, which is not only good looking but also saved my limited space!
Apart from there, of course, it could also be tied to the handlebar part, and it can be used horizontally. If you need to use it horizontally, you can adjust it according to your own preferences. Finally, let me share some pictures for your reference:

Me using Dual Bike Tie Pro
Dual Bike Tie + Xiaomi mobile power 10000
Bike Tie + iPhone 8 + Xiaomi mobile power 10000
Any wire that is too long can also be wound around the frame
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