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Let’s learn about the Roman "bicycle revolution"

When traveling to an unfamiliar city, it's often hard to find parking when you’re driving, and it's impossible to walk too far, so bike-sharing has become a very convenient way to travel.

Rome's rugged stone pathways, deliberate sabotage, theft and other issues have defeated previous attempts at bike-sharing.

Rome is a city of culture and history

Uber has launched a bike sharing program in Rome. Back in 2013, a previous bike sharing program in Rome, Italy, had to be terminated due to the escalating costs. After that, companies from Hong Kong and Singapore also tried and left.

Rome has always been a barren wasteland for bike sharing, in which it was hard to survive, but Uber claims that its shiny new red bikes, launched across the city, will make a difference.

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"We've tested it on the cobblestone streets of Rome," Uber said, noting that competitors' bikes had previously failed to meet the city's requirements. "They may have just fallen apart with a gust of wind." However, Uber’s bike share program has a grand plan, which "will change Rome and inject new vitality into the city".

Uber and its competitors have launched similar mopeds and electric scooters in Paris, London, Lisbon, Brussels and other cities, some of which have had plenty of accidents. (the mayor of Paris once denounced the "anarchy of scooters"). However, Rome, the first Italian city to receive Uber E-bike service, is not like any other European city.

In a way, Rome can be a dream place for bike sharing as there is no lack of demand. There are only two completed subway lines in the city (the third one has always been under construction), and buses are either late or do not leave at all, and occasionally there is a risk of explosions!

The traffic jams and the lack of parking spaces in Rome are really frightening.

But the roadblocks to bike sharing are equally daunting. Rome's rugged stone roads, vandalism, theft, garbage on the side of the road, cars parking side by side, and the Romans' resistance to change and physical exertion. The beleaguered mayor of Rome has called on the citizens of Rome to prove that the city is civilized after all.

Great partners who bike-share: Bike Tie Series

"If we don't want these bikes to be damaged, guess who we can count on?" Raj, said at the Uber bike Conference on October 21, 2019. “The Romans themselves are the first line of defense against destruction."

Uber launched with a fleet of 2,800 bikes that can be parked almost anywhere after use, and they seem to be everywhere.

But not all Romans are fans of it. The famous media "Rome Is Gross", which denounces urban degradation, has issued a complaint about the high price of Uber bicycles. The unlocking price of an Uber bicycle is NT $15, while the cost per minute for using it is NT $6 (NT$360/hour). That’s what Uber charges for car-sharing.

Are you thinking that Taiwan's Youbike (bike-sharing launched by the Taipei City Municipality initiative) is very generous?

Bike Tie, a necessity for overseas travel, is about to launch its third generation. So, for those of you who are planning on traveling, it’s time to get prepared

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