[Bone Collection on Bicycle] Pleasant cycling between Beiyi & Beiheng ∙ Urban tour begins with Youbike 2.0

Since launching, Youbike, a bike-sharing initiative by the Taipei municipal government, has successfully bridged the MRT, buses and all streets and alleys in the city. Through the high utilization rate of Youbike, we can see that people really need such mobile vehicles and transport services. In January 2020, Youbike 2.0 will officially enter its pilot phase.

Five major changes have been made this time:

1. Exterior design: the body color of 2.0 is Pearl White and yellow, which is different from the previous orange color.

2. Rental mode: 2.0 is equipped with an on-board device, powered by a solar panel, providing the rental service by using EasyCard and mobile QR code scanning.

3. Docking column design: the docking column of 2.0 does not need to be connected to the municipal power supply, the solar panel is used for power supply, with a night warning function. 1.0’s column could park two Youbikes, but the column for 2.0 can only park one. These two columns are incompatible; therefore, bikes can only be returned to the designated one.

4. Temporary parking: the mechanism for 2.0 is on the bike lock, as long as you turn the header unit to the right and the bolt is inserted, locking can be completed without using the key. The unlocking method is the same as that for starting the bike.

5. Rate calculation: New and old members are synched for both versions, and the charging method for members is the same as with version 1.0, 10 yuan per 30 minutes within 4 hours; 20 yuan per 30 minutes within 4 to 8 hours; 40 yuan per 30 minutes for more than 8 hours.

Bone’s editor arrived at the NTU MRT station on January 15, 2020, in time to witness the launching of Youbike 2.0, along with the public. Worried about getting lost, the editor prepared our own new product –Bike Tie 3 , it was perfectly suited!

Bone’s editor thinks that the best bits of the new design for users are the new rental mode and temporary parking device. Different to Youbike 1.0, payment for 2.0 can be made through both EasyCard and mobile phone payments, which greatly reduces the previous problem of not being able to find the bound Yoyo card; the newly added temporary parking device also allows users to temporarily leave the bike safely, and not having to worry about the bike being stolen.

(Providing the option of scanning code and pay by EasyCard sensing)
(Automatic solar power supply function makes it much easier to set up the docking stations)

The overall design of Youbike 2.0 is livelier and friendlier for people. Although a new sensor panel has been added to the header unit, it still has the same neatness and design. At present, the result of the trial run has shown that it has been well accepted by the public. Usability at stations around NTU (a university in Taipei) are running at over 90%. Let's look forward to the day when Youbike 2.0 is officially launched!

(Pair Youbike 2.0 withBike Tie 3 , and you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again)
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