【Bone Collection on Design】Master your pace! The Handheld Run Tie is an exclusive product of Bone, enhancing your running experience.

Where do you put your mobile phone when you are running? There is a diverse range of mobile phone products for running; mobile armbands, mobile waist bags, wristbands, etc. But if you were to stop and use your mobile phone, or if you want to stop and take photos when you see some beautiful scenery, it's really very troublesome to get your mobile phone out. Many runners do not use mobile phone holding products but choose to hold the mobile phone in their hands while they exercise. However, because they are running for quite a while, their hands get tired and they also need to be careful that the mobile phone doesn’t slip because of their sweat.

Jogging for leisure, stop and shoot whenever you want

Reads Lin, founder of Bone Collection, happened to stumble upon a pink-ribbon road running event (a special event for women) in Riverside Park (on the jogging route in downtown Taipei), and noticed half of the female runners were running with their mobile phones, and more than 80% of them were holding their mobile phones in their palms. After noticing this, Reads began to think about the reason why so many runners would hold their mobile phones in their hands. After thinking about it, he discovered that the purpose of running, for these runners, was not so much heavy physical training, but daily jogging for leisure. They like to run light and without much burden, but want to use their mobile phones at the same time, whether for music, photos, replying to messages, checking the time, etc. Bone wanted to provide a product that matched the runners’ needs, and so began the subsequent development.

Reads 從日常觀察中發現使用者需求,透過腦海中的發想做出符合需求的產品,這是 Reads 最大的興趣。

Reads discovers the users’ needs from daily observation, and his greatest passion is then making the most suitable product by materializing what he has in his mind.

When the concept of aRun Tie Handheld came into being, Reads began to design and test it repeatedly. Being able to have a universal design that would work with cell phones with various screen sizes was a key innovation by Bone and is certainly a must-have on theRun Tie Handheld In addition, in order to make it less tiring for the hand, the extended tie considers the stability of the phone and has a soft touch where it touches the skin. It should not allow the mobile phone to drop when the runner is tired and temporarily relaxes their grip. Before being satisfied with the finished product, Reads went through five revisions. The initial version had an added card cover that could take credit cards, but it brought some problems, such as covering of the lens, structural issues when fitted to the hand and the inflexibility of the handle. The design teams of Reads and Bone have tried various versions in succession, ensuring the final version of the finished product does not have the problem of covering the lens. Cards can be fixed in the gap between the ties, and it can be used by runners with different palm sizes, thus making sure it stays stable.

whether the camera lens is on the side or in the middle, it is not covered.
The design of Run Tie Hand-held can be matched with neck lanyard, making travelling with the phone more flexible and relaxing.

In addition, some extra thought went into the two ways of using the Run Tie Handheld, making it possible to combine the use of a Bone lanyard so that it can be transformed into a neck hanging mobile phone tie in a second. When you are walking or jogging, you can hold the mobile phone in your palm, so your phone is ready to use, or you can hang it round your neck and easily travel around the city with your hands free.

15 years of brand persistence and creativity

Over the past 15 years, Bone has launched hundreds of creative design products, and each design encountered many problems and difficulties. Reads said with a smile, "When I get stuck, I’ll have a cup of coffee, and inspiration may just come by. This was the case with the Run Tie Handheld; the initial design was to combine the hand strap with a card holder, but the actual design was not as perfect as was originally thought. So, we looked and listed the problems then the design team discussed them to continuously work out solutions. Every time it was changed, we looked forward to getting the new samples. If the problem was solved, we would be overjoyed. If the problem was still not solved,” Reads laughingly said: "then we have another cup of coffee and come back! "

Over the past 15 years, Reads has always been enthusiastic about design and development, and looks forward to feedback from those runners who use the Run Tie Handheld.

Bone Sport –Your best exercise partner

Throughout life, mobile phones are important tools that modern people can't live without. In order to bring everyone a better and relaxed life experience, Bone started the development of the neck hanging series and the sports series. In Taiwan, the use of cars and bikes by the population is extremely high but Reads adheres to the brand's spirit of advocating environmental protection all the way and started with the mobile phone running tie and the mobile phone bicycle binding. Not only was the research and development done on how the mobile phone tie would work, but it also had to cater for various sizes of modern mobile phones, because normally if someone changes to a different size phone, then the accessories would have to be replaced too. Therefore, Bone's exclusive research and development created a design for a universal mobile phone binding that fits various screen sizes, which better reflects the brand's insistence on environmental protection with less waste. In April 2020, Bone is officially launching a new sports mobile phone tie - Run Tie Handheld and jogging and running enthusiasts must not miss it!

Asymmetric tie design, all kinds of mobile phone models can be used perfectly without blocking the lens!
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