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Exercise is the most direct and effective way to stay healthy, but do you know what sports are popular and widely promoted in recent years?

What are the benefits of cycling?

Exercise is the most direct and effective way to stay healthy, but do you know what sports are popular and widely promoted in recent years?
The answer is cycling.

Cycling is not just one of the means of commuting. In recent years, the sports atmosphere has been booming. Cycling has gradually changed from commuting needs to sports needs. More and more people ride bicycles during their leisure time, not only relaxed and comfortable, but can also enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. It is also less tiring than running, and it can reduce the burden on the knees. It is suitable for long-term exercise, and can be said that it is the best option for men, women and children.

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What are the benefits of cycling?
Cycling may seem simple, but it is actually an exercise that can workout the body's functions. The benefits to the body far exceed your imagination.
Let's take a look at the what advantages of cycling may surprise you:

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function
Cycling needs to use many muscles such as hands, legs, back, buttocks and many other muscles. It can not only strengthen the muscle endurance of the lower body, but also train the muscles of the back and abdomen. If you do high-intensity cycling, you can also workout your core muscles, and facilitate cardiopulmonary function.

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2. Reduce the burden on the knee
Cycling can reduce the burden on the knees more than walking and jogging, and it also has good exercise effects. It is suitable for people of middle and high age. Therefore, it has become the most recommended exercise method for the elderly by orthopedic doctors.

3. Reduce the incidence of obesity and cardiovascular disease
According to research reports published in "Weekly American Heart Association", frequent cyclists have a 24% reduction in the risk of heart attack, and those who maintain a long-term cycling habit have a 39% reduction in obesity risk. It can be seen that cycling is an exercise that can facilitate health.

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4. Increase short-term memory
According to a recent study by The University of lowa, the brain’s hippocampal gyrus that is responsible for memory can increase substantial increase just by cycling for 20 mins, which can facilitate cognition and memory. Although the memory effect cannot last forever, its benefits are still visible.

To facilitate health, you can ride this way
To facilitate physical health by increasing training intensity, everyone has their own set of methods and criteria for judgment, but if we want to have more advanced reference methods and indicators, Bone has a set of "three types, three zones" rule of cycling as reference.

Three Types
The three riding methods respectively are: aerobic exercise, intermittent training, and gravity exercise.

1. Aerobic type
The aerobic exercise is to maintain the same speed for more than half an hour to achieve the effect of burning fat. The intensity can be calculated by the maximum heart rate (MHR). The calculation formula is "220 minus the age". For example, for a 30-year-old adult, the maximum heart rate is 190 beats per minute.
To achieve the aerobic heart rate, it must be at least 60% or more. That is to say, taking the above as an example, the heart rate per minute needs to be at least 114 beats per minute to be considered aerobic.

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2. Intermittent type
Intermittent training is similar to tracking and field running, using pedals to generate different degrees of resistance, indirect sprinting between light and heavy gears, and repeating several cycles.
Intermittent riding can improve cardiopulmonary function, burn lots of fat and calories, and improve post-exercise metabolism. Compared with aerobic exercise, the intermittent type is more intense, which is a good method for people who want to lose weight.

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3. Gravity type
Gravity is a riding method that strengthens muscle endurance. You can ride in a gear with heavier pedaling on flat ground, or choose uphills with different slopes to improve leg endurance.
Although gravity riding is the most sensible, the risk of muscle and joint injuries is also the highest. If muscle strength is insufficient, high-intensity training is likely to cause strain, and the effect of exercise may not be beneficial to the body.

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Three Zones:
It refers to the scientific method of dividing the exercise intensity into several intervals after measuring the heart rate to master the effect of your own training.
Some professional riders or professionals in the industry will divide the maximum heart rate into 6 zones, while some divide the maximum heart rate into 6 zones according to their personal conditions. Since it corresponds to the maximum heart rate, no matter how many zones there are, the situation described won’t have much difference. This article uses 3 intervals as reference indicators.
To refer to this method, the first thing is to find out your maximum heart rate. The formula for measuring heart rate, as mentioned above, is "220 minus your age" as a calculation basis. However, it should be noted that this is only an estimate, the accuracy will vary from person to person. To get a more accurate result, ideally, it is constantly adjusted during the training process to find the maximum limit value of the heart rate.

The three zones are:
1. Warm-up phase
The training mode is a generally comfortable riding state, which is the easiest training interval. Compared with the "three types", it is closer to the aerobic style. If you would like to achieve a fat burning effect at this stage, you can also increase the intensity slightly. The training time can be controlled at about 2 hours, or adjusted according to personal circumstances. The overall maximum heart rate is about 68% or less.
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2. Endurance phase
The endurance phase has more duration and cycle times, and exercise intensity is also higher, which can improve muscle endurance and facilitate cardiopulmonary function. The duration can be controlled between 30 minutes to 1 hour, and repeated several times according to personal conditions. The maximum heart rate is about 68%-82%.

3. Increase lactic accumulation threshold or oxygen uptake capacity
High intensity exercise is recommended to do it outdoors and look for a safe riding route. The purpose of training is to improve short-term sprint ability and the ability to maintain high speed.
If it is to raise the lactic accumulation threshold, you can continue for half an hour and then rest for 10~15 minutes. If you want to improve oxygen uptake capacity, the total training time can be controlled within one hour, depending on your physical condition, it can last for 10 to 15 minutes each time and then rest 3~5 minutes, the maximum heart rate is about 82%-94%.

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Everyone’s physical condition and training goals are different. Regardless of the intensity of cycling, as long as physical fitness can continue under the premise of being able to load, there will be certain benefits to your health. However, cycling can also be risky after all, therefore, paying attention to safety during the ride is also important, in order to enjoy a healthy and happy cycling trip.

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