There are other running Apps besides Strava. Three popular free running Apps that runners recommend

Passionate runners see running records as an important asset. So which running App is best? Each App has its own fans. Today, we are going to recommend a few popular and free running Apps!

3 recommended popular running Apps

Running records are priceless to those who are serious about running. Many runners use running Apps because they can monitor their running state at any moment and alter their training model thanks to the running record. Each App has its own set of followers. We're going to suggest a couple of popular and free running Apps today!

If you are a newbie runner, it may be useful for you!

Recommended running App for beginners:
Nike Run Club

If you're a beginner runner who isn’t sure about how to start training. Then Nike Run Club will be a useful running tool.

Voice training is a unique element of Nike Run Club, in addition to collecting basic running miles, speed, and other metrics. A range of training modes is available in the voice training section.
It provides diverse voice assistance for different types of runners as if they were running with a coach.

You can also participate in the Club's monthly challenge to keep yourself motivated.

Recommended running App, running App, Nike Run Club
In addition to the basic running record function, Nike Run Club also has a variety of coaching courses.

Recommended App dedicated to running records:

Runkeeper's user interface is simple and straightforward. Basic running distance statistics and GPS navigation are included.

The App is simple to use and does not contain a lot of sophisticated features.
It contains a very extensive data analysis of the pace, including running speed per minute, average running speed, and running time per kilometer, etc., so you can better understand and alter your running rhythm.

This App also has the function of running voice coach, but it does not have as many training options as Nike Run Club.

Runkeeper is a good choice if you simply need an easy-to-use running app to help you track your running record and assess your training at any time.

Running APP, Running Record APP, Runkeeper
Runkeeper has a simple interface and complete functions. It is a practical and simple running APP.

Recommended App for slimming and purposeful running:
adidas Training by Runtastic

Runtastic is also a full-featured running App. Like the other Apps, it can record running mileage, track running routes through GPS, and personal training information such as running speed.

In addition, it can also check the calories burned after a training session, which is a very useful feature for those who wish to keep their body in shape.

Users can also create short- and long-term goals and see if they can accomplish them. It's a crucial feature for people who want to run for an extended period of time!

Another unique feature of Runtastic is its ability to display running records as a graph, making it easy for users to see whether their training is effective or if improvements are needed.

Running record App, running App recommended Runtastic
Runtastic can graph your running records, making it easy to check your training results.

The above introduces 3 popular and free running Apps apart from Strava. I you can find your favorite running App!

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