【Running Training】Four keys to enhance your running competitiveness.

After running for a while, do you want to improve your running efficiency? Don't want to participate in the road race and just pursue to finish the race? In recent years, scientific training has become more popular. This not only enables professional athletes to continuously improve their running efficieny, but also allows recreational runners to have a direction of making progress. This article will talk about four keys to enhancing your running competitiveness. Let's take a look together!

Running is also science

Autumn and winter are marathon seasons. Watching the runners break their personal best records one after another, I can't help but wonder how they do their daily training in order to continuously improve their performance. I used to start running many years ago to lose weight. Running around the playground round and round was boring. I hoped to achieve better running results, however, the training was not effective. It wasn't until later that I realized scientific training that every run turned into targeted training.

In scientific training, there will be certain index abilities that enable runners to improve running efficiency through different speed, distance or muscle strength training. This is completely different from the traditional training methods in the past. The total amount of training is important, but the quality of each training and the recovery after training also need to be taken into account. What are the important indicators of running that need to be continuously improved?

Players compete on the field
Do running training to achieve good results in the marathon.

1.Aerobic endurance

Not just for running, the basic training for any endurance sport is to develop aerobic endurance. Aerobic endurance is like the foundation on which a house is built. Only with a solid foundation can we develop other abilities smoothly. The purpose of endurance exercise is to improve the ability to cope with prolonged exercise. The most important thing about endurance is the stable supply of energy in the body. Aerobic endurance training can make fat more effectively converted into energy for the body to use, reduce the metabolism of "sugar", and also improve the efficiency of body sugar synthesis.

Woman jogging with Run Tie Connect2
Good aerobic endurance needs to be obtained from stable and continuous training!

Aerobic endurance training methods require frequency and duration of low-intensity training. For example, 30 minutes of easy running training with a maximum heart rate of 60-70% three times a week. Whether it is 10k, half marathon, or full marathon, runners need to have stable aerobic endurance to successfully complete the race.


Simply put, VO₂ Max is the ability of body cells to use oxygen. The unit value of VO₂ Max is ml/min/kg, which represents the maximum oxygen consumption per kilogram of body weight per minute. Generally, the VO₂ Max of adults is 40ml/min/kg, amateur runners fall between 40-60ml/min/kg, and marathon runners mostly exceed 70ml/min/kg. In addition to running training, VO₂ Max is also related to health, quality of life, work endurance and performance.

The woman runs forward quickly
Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your workouts to boost VO₂ Max!

Improving the efficiency with which the body uses oxygen is very important. Oxygen is an important fuel used to break down carbohydrates and fats in the body. The most direct benefit of increasing VO₂ Max is that the body can convert energy more efficiently, gain better endurance during long-distance running, maintain a higher running speed, and increase the anaerobic threshold. Effective training to increase VO₂ Max: ●For entry-level runners, it is recommended to add long-distance training to running training. The initial training is to improve the aerobic capacity of the muscles through long-distance training and increase VO₂ Max for future higher-intensity training. ●For advanced runners, high-intensity interval training is the best way to increase VO₂ Max. Through repeated interval training that stimulates the anaerobic threshold, the heart and lungs can gradually adapt to the required intensity and increase VO₂ Max.

3.Anaerobic threshold

The anaerobic threshold is the maximum intensity at which the aerobic energy system can be used. While increasing VO₂ Max, it can also increase the anaerobic threshold. Raising the anaerobic threshold allows runners to maintain high-intensity exercise for a long time without accumulating a large amount of lactic acid. If the runner exceeds the anaerobic threshold during exercise, the metabolism and lactic acid accumulation will increase rapidly, making the muscles feel tense quickly. The increase in the anaerobic threshold allows runners to train at a higher intensity without accumulating lactic acid that makes the muscles tense, allowing them to maintain a higher running speed during the race.

Woman is out of breath from running training
Interval training that makes you gasp and gag.

4.Running economy

Running economy refers to the highs and lows of energy expenditure during a run. At the same speed, less energy consumption means better running economy. Not just running, but for any endurance sports, such as cycling, swimming, and triathlon sports, good sports economy can enable people to maintain sports with lower energy consumption and better efficiency. These endurance sports are accompanied by repetitive movement patterns, such as running, stepping, and rowing. Being able to save energy in each movement means that it is easier to complete training or competition than other people with the same speed.

Movement economy has the most direct relationship with posture and muscle strength. Taking running as an example, less ground contact time, lower vertical vibration amplitude, greater lower body rigidity, reduce lower body moment of inertia, and stiffer shoes can help improve running economy. In addition to the shoe factor, other factors have a considerable relationship with posture and muscle strength. For runners who want to improve their running economy, it is necessary to add March Drill and muscle strength training to their training.

Eluid Kipchoge's brisk and graceful running posture
Good running economy can make you run fast and steady. (Eliud Kipchoge runs so fast that the photo is out of focus)

Running training is a long and intriguing journey. There will inevitably be many setbacks and obstacles in the process, but people can gain a lot of fun and experience, just like the epitome of life. The above four indicators are important for running. When exercising, you should not only pursue the improvement of performance, but experience the benefits of health.

You can also think of sports as competitive events. Don't compare yourself to others, just watch your own progress. What improves is not necessarily the results, but the lessons learned from sports. Hard work will pay off in the long run. This is the benefit of participating in sports that is most obvious, and it is also what makes them so fascinating to individuals.

Runners compete against each other
Only by participating in competitive sports can you fully appreciate the appeal!
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