How long does a workout last? How long should you rest for each set?

The study says most people in gym won't set an alarm for each rest, but time goes faster than you can imagine! it happens frequently to rest overtime when you didn't control it well. It not only reduces efficiency but your precious time!
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How long should a workout last?

In fact, the productivity of time is inversely proportional to a workout, the longer you stay at the gym, the lesser you get from the result! The reason is that our concentration will decrease as time goes on. Psychologist states that our attention is limited and last for 40 minutes, after that it will start to diminish rapidly. Weight training is a risky part of exercising. you must keep 100% focus on the stretch of muscle, feeling it deeply to get the most outcome.


How long should you rest between sets?

Most bodybuilders are unaware of time while taking a rest, because lots of thing may distract them at the same time. In the long term, it brings big impacts on them, slowing the speed of progress. Therefore, you will need to clock 60-90 seconds for each break, making sure time is being well controlled, and then you will be surprised because something has happened that you didn't expect.

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Where to place your smartphone when you are exercising?

We noticed that people at gym tend to use smartphone as a way to record and have problem to place their phone while exercising. Some of them put their phone on the ground, the others put them in the pocket or hang it on neck. These are not good choices to place it, because your phone may be damaged or affect your action when you do a certain move. So we came up with a plan to solve this problem!

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Easy to magnate, A must for fitness people - Magnetic Phone Holder

Magnetic fitness phone mountMagnetic fitness phone mount is double-sided and suitable for fitness equipment, you no longer have to worry about the places to put your phone. The product can be fastened on equipment frames whose sizes are 22mm to 65mm, we hope you enjoy your time while exercising.

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