Try first 5K

It's the starting day of 2023 after spring festival. So have you set up plan to run? This article is for those who didn't run for a while, and don't have motivation to run. Let's set the first 5k challenge for yourself to awaken your happiness factor.

2023 Run your better self

This 10-day spring vacation is extremely long, we can going out with our loved one and our family through this holly vacation, taking the opportunity to relax ourselves. This spring will be unusually cold, so we guess it's hard to do outdoor activities, lacking of exercise habits is going to gain your weight after this vacation. The easiest way to start is running. Let us get 5K plan started!

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Try your first 5k Challenge

Those who used to run must set a 5K challenge at the beginning, because it is the best way to lose weight. When the goal started, you will have the motivation to drive. Once we get up from chair, we have finished half the journey of 5K, since the difficult part had been solved !

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➤How to set excellent mindset?

When the race is kicked off, we can cheer ourselves up for the brave to be here. Then, focusing on the result of the race instead of 5k itself.

Record it on social Media

Record your success is the best way to being better, because we can review it in future and see how far the progress we made. The more we document it, the more likely we are to get greater.

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➤ pick a Hashtag for yourself?

Below are hashtags that most people used in 2023. Let's pick your favorite one and put it on your social media.


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Moreover, we could take this chance to share the happiness with our friends, making running a joyful deed.

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Core training for 5K

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We can add a core practicing program to our training list, core is a crucial thing to us, it can stabilize our body, making us more comfortable when we are running .We can start with sprinting and interval training, both of them are suffering stuffs. However, they are both good training methods, giving us a stronger core to get a better performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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➤ Last thing but not Least

To pursue a better performance, you need a high intensity of training, which brings positive effect to muscle and creates the intensity of ATP, thereby upgrading the result of running

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