Bike Phone Holder

Enjoy a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability and Roam Free with Your Mobile Phone.
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Enjoy a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability and Roam Free.

"Enjoy life and care for the earth" was the original concept when we proposed this design. Mobile phones have become a necessity and have made our lives more convenient and fun. Cycling is the most eco-friendly way to move around. Bone utilizes creativity to secure your mobile phone onto your bike, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your needs. Also, we have combined functions such as the sound amplifier and power bank to give you the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle of health and sustainability while maintaining convenient access to your mobile phone.

Patented Rope for Quick Fastening and Removal.

An innovative patented design using one single piece of silicone component allows you to secure your mobile phone on your bike in just five seconds. Utilizing the elasticity of silicone, you can adjust the tightness and the angle of the mount according to the size of the handlebars. The smart design allows very easy installation and removal.

No Power Required Amplifying Speaker Sounds.

The sound amplifier and phone mount are made in one piece. Using the reflecting of the sound, the horn can amplify speaker sound by 10 decibels without using an external power source.

Compatible with Bike Horn.

Share Power and Roam Without Power Shortage.

Easy to install and dismantle, this is a design that combines a bicycle mobile phone mount with a power bank. The standing mount allows you to access and use your phone with ease and at the same time has a charging function, so there is no need to worry about running out of power for your phone.

Compatible with Bike Bone Power 5200.