Bubble Protection

Colorful Bubbles for Close Protection.

Colorful Bubbles for Close Protection

Mobile phones have become a necessity and have made our lives more convenient and fun. A case that can fully protect your smartphone has also become important. Phone Bubble was designed based on the concept of airbags and its smart design can fully protect your mobile phone.

Patented Air Bubble Protection Design

The patented air chamber shock resistant design provides full protection. The concept came from the design of airbags, using the cushioning function of air chambers to disperses contact force when your phone is struck. The case also protects corners of the phone from damage caused by direct impact.

Elastic Q Ring Keeps Your Phone from Slipping

The elastic Q ring design on the back of the protection case allows for easy control while taking a selfie, and keeps your phone from slipping out of your hand, giving it complete protection.

Compatible with Phone Bubble 6s and 6s Plus.

Dual Materials Strengthen Case Structure

Dual materials strengthening the case structure, keeping the case from easily deforming. A wide selection of colors makes you the focus of attention at all times.

Compatible with Phone Bubble 6s and 6s Plus.