AirPods Lanyard Case

AirPods Lanyard Case

  • Elastic opening design fits AirPods 1&2 perfectly.
  • Two pieces design provided completely protection.
  • Package comes with a lanyard hook that can be adjusted to suit our length.
在不受干擾的時刻,放縱自己沈浸在專屬的聲音裡,聆聽、交流、放輕鬆……《AirPods Lanyard Case》守護這份心情,頸掛攜戴細膩包覆,生活隨時可以獨享片刻的小任性。

Enjoy the moment, immerse in the beat

《AirPods Lanyard Case》by Bone presents to you the carefree music experience. Relax your mind and create your own little space with your favorite music.


Do you ever feel troublesome?

Problem 1:Lost in the bag

Can’t find your earphones when you need them...

Problem 2: Scratches, nicks and dents

Worry to scratch the surface of your AirPods


Do you ever feel troublesome?

Problem 3: Missing AirPods case cap

Lost the case cap

Problem 4: Out of fashion

Want something stylish!

AirPods Lanyard Case is born!

Compact design, light and portable

Bone Collection’s iconic lanyard to have an omnipresent music experience. Passed the RoHs by the EU; environmental-friendly and soft touch material.

Tightly secure your AirPods

Smooth and precise-outlined AirPods case. Hassle-free installation and access.

Versatile Neck Lanyard

Extremely elastic 50 cm lanyard with adjustable cord lock to alter the length. Soft silicone to shield the AirPods from scratches, dents and nicks.

Support wireless charging

Bone AirPods case supports wireless charger; quick and easy to charge.

Precise cutting, perfect for AirPods

Perfect design for Apple AirPods to fit AirPods 1 & 2.

❶Lightning port access and dust-preventing cover
❷Loss-free two-piece case with LED status light window
❸Strap hole for wrist strap and neck lanyard
❹Elegant, colorful and simple

產品比較 - AirPods頸掛保護套優勢
Portable AirPods Lanyard Case

With Bone’s AirPods Lanyard Case, you can listen to the music whenever, wherever you want; on buses, at the office, commuting, Bone gives you the optimal experience.

Soft and Washable

Made from premium silicone that keeps the AirPods case clean and new.

AirPods Lanyard Case Installation Instruction
AirPods Lanyard Case Easy to Install
AirPods Lanyard Csae Design Chronology

We initially designed the AirPods case to be an one-piece case, however, the case skin would bulge and affect the opening of AirPods.(Illustration 1.)

To increase the opening angle, the second version was improved with a round side to cover the rotation axis.(Illustration 2.)

In the third version, we applied Bone's iconic two-piece and loss-free design. Meanwhile, we added the strap hole for wrist straps and lanyards. (Illustration 3.)

In the fourth version, to adjust the opening angle of the outer skin to decrease the rebound, the rotation axis part of the case was changed into a flat axis cover. (Illustration 4.)

In the fifth version, the connection of two skins was re-designed to the side. The strap hole was changed to the angle. However, the lid of the cover detached easily.(Illustration 5.)

In the process of the final version, we modified the outer skin case construction to avoid bulge from the extra skins. But the opening angle would still pull back the case skin of the lid. In the end, we came up with a hook-shaped outer skin to assemble with the inner skin. Now, the outer skin can be pull without detaching. After a year of developing, we finally established this “AirPods Lanyard Case”.

Lively Bone Characters

Bone Lanyard with changeable Bone Charm; colorful and lively way to express your personal style.

Certified by SGS

Bone only uses silicone that certified by SGS and comply with European RoHs standard.

Product Specification

W52 x H61 x D26mm
Net Weight
SKU: LF19081-BK
EAN: 4716076169775
SKU: LF19081-WH
EAN: 4716076169782
Maru Penguin
SKU: LF19081-PEN
EAN: 4716076169799
Patti Duck
SKU: LF19081-DUC
EAN: 4716076169812
Mr. Deer
SKU: LF19081-DEE
EAN: 4716076169805
Miao Cat
SKU: LF19081-CAT
EAN: 4716076169829
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