Wood Diffuser - Penguin

  • Create your own atmosphere with your favorite character and scent.
  • Solid wood block absorbs the essential oil and give you a natural long-lasting aroma.
  • Add few drops of essential oil to the central spot of the wood block. The wood block will absorb the oil and volatilize slowly.

Original Unique Oil Diffuser

Perfect decor for peaceful relaxing in your home aroma spa or aromatherapy living rooms, offices, bath, and kitchen.

Healing cute Bone Charm to create a unique smell of your space.

Easy to Use

Put a few drops like 2-3 ml of your own essential oils onto the wooden top surface of the diffuser and the oils slowly diffuse over time, it can last a long time.

Natural Evaporative Diffuser

Natural Beech Wood

Bone's wooden block is crafted from Beechwood, and the base is made of a very solid synthetic material, which is topped with a part made of beech wood.

Small and easy to carry, take the fragrance with you
Portable Size

Space-saving portable design, you can effortlessly take it on a business trip or travels.


About Us

Established in 2005, Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute original characters. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design, inspired from the little things in everyday life, and aim to create unique and functional designs to solve the inconvenience.

Bone 每項產品的矽膠材質均經過 SGS 檢驗

Quality Certified by SGS

All Bone's silicone products are cerified by SGS and comply with European RoHS standard.

Product Specification

Size W70 x H52 x D50mm
Net Weight 80g
Material Silicone, Wood
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