Strap Hook Anti-Mosquito Plate - Maru Penguin

Product Features
  • Japanese "Sumitomo Chemical" formula effectively isolates mosquitoes.
  • Anti-Mosquito Plate can be used continuously for 100 days (additional purchase and replacement are available).
  • Bone original strap hook design, can be tied to belts and backpacks.
  • Comes with a round self-adhesive backing hanger, high temperature resistance, no glue residue, washable and can repeat using.
  • Bone charms can be replaced and purchase additionally.
  • Hang the plate in a ventilated place, such as the entrance of the hallway, front porch, front and rear balconies or outside the door, which has the effect of preventing mosquitoes.
  • Indoor use 1-2 pieces are suitable for 2-4 square meters (13m2) size space, use more than 2 pieces for a larger space.
  • When using it indoors, please maintain good ventilation if there are people or pets nearby.
  • Outdoor use can be clipped on or securely hung on the utensil.
  • After opening of this product, each plate can be used continuously for 100 days.
Precautions for use and storage
  • This product uses the pyrethrum extract "Metofluthrin", which can be volatilized at room temperature to achieve the effect of preventing mosquitoes.
  • Please keep out of reach from children and pets.
  • Please store this product in a dry, cool place, and store it separately from food.
Poisoning symptoms, first aid and detoxification methods
  • If you experience trouble breathing or dizziness due to improper use or accidental ingestion, please bring this product to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
  • If it accidentally touch your skin, please wash with soap and water.
* The product is only available in Taiwan.

Product Specification

Size W85 x H248 x D12mm
Net Weight 72g
Material PET, Silicone
Permit Number 環署衛輸字第 0821 號
Ingredients Metofluthrin 8 %w/w
Dosage Form 2.85 g/pcs
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