Safety Companion - Penguin

  • Safety Made Simple
    Activating Safety Companion is as easy as pressing a button for 2 seconds. Safety Companion makes immediate call (Only for Android users), SMS and email to pre-determined contacts. The phone will emit loud siren sound to alert people nearby. Up to 3 SMS and 3 emails can be sent simultaneously.
  • Emergency Location Info
    SMS and email messages include Google map links of your GPS locations.
  • Wear safety and style
    Stretchable strap allows you to attach Safety Companion to your keychain, back pack or personal belongings. Choose your favorite Safety Companion.
  • A supported smartphone (iPhone or Android) with WISO app installed and configured for most features to function.
  • Both Bluetooth® and location should be enabled in the smartphone setting, and the app should have permission to use location data. Otherwise contacts won't know your location when WISO is activated.
  • A working mobile Internet connection in order for the WISO app to notification contacts.

Product Specification

Size W34 x H132 x D22mm
Net Weight 25g
Material Plastic, Silicone, CR2032 Battery
Bluetooth Specification v4.0
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