Bike Phone Charger Kit (USB-C / USB-A) - Simple Black

L-Shaped USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • Bidirectional L-shaped corner design; the view runs alongside the machine to avoid bulging.
  • High speed circuit design, supports QC fast charging..
  • Suitable for USB-C / USB-A charging and data transmission.
  • Can be plugged in ≥ 10,000 times.
  • Eco-friendly TPE cable~25cm.

Power Strap
  • Attach a mobile power to the handlebars using the "handlebar tie strap".
  • Can be used with all Bike Tie and Bike Tie Pro series.
  • X shaped tie strap allows power bank to be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • High tensile strength for different sized power banks (Fits those with total length of long and short side = 13 to 18cm).
  • Eco-friendly silicon material is stain-resistant and washable.

Bike Strap 6.69″ (17cm)
  • Universal tie strap structure, can be fastened to bike frame or handlebar.
  • Applicable tube dimeter: 0.86″ to 1.53″ (22 to 39mm).
  • Eco-friendly silicon material is stain-resistant and washable.

L-Shaped Pouch
  • For storing the L-shaped corner wire.
  • Replaceable, can be purchased separately.

Product Specification

Size W28 × H250 × D6mm
W60 × H60 × D11mm
W62 × H62 × D18mm
W174 × H39 × D17mm
Net Weight 60g
Material Metal, Plastic, Silicone
Interface USB 2.0
Connector USB Type A, USB Type-C
Certificates QC 3.0
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