Indoor Training - Informing You of the Differences from Outdoor Riding

Riding outdoors allows you to enjoy the scenery on the road, but often, due to weather conditions, you may be forced to stay at home. Additionally, family commitments or the time-consuming nature of outdoor rides can be limiting. While indoor cycling may lack the picturesque views, it offers numerous benefits. Let's explore the unique experience that indoor riding can provide!

A couple of years ago, when the pandemic raged, riding outdoors became challenging. Indoor cycling became a popular alternative, leading to a surge in demand for training platforms. However, post-pandemic, many of these platforms have been neglected or sold off. Here, I'd like to share with you some advantages of indoor cycling that you might not get from outdoor rides. Especially in the upcoming rainy season in the northern regions, let's discuss the benefits of indoor cycling!

What most cyclists want to know is whether indoor or outdoor cycling is better. In this section, let's analyze and present a list of the pros and cons for you to consider.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Cycling:

1. It's generally more enjoyable, and the duration is usually longer, allowing you to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

2. Cycling with friends outdoors contributes to many people's social lives and fosters stronger connections.

3. However, the downside is the risk involved, such as unpredictable road conditions and weather, which may lead to accidents.

4. Due to the presence of external factors like mud and the possibility of encountering rain, there's a faster wear and tear on equipment (chains, tires, etc.).

Outdoor cycling provides a different scenery, but it is often limited by weather conditions and other factors, which may impact training effectiveness.
Outdoor Cycling - Deer Den Incident Memorial

Indoor Cycling Pros and Cons:

1. Unaffected by Weather

One of the significant advantages of indoor cycling is that it is not influenced by the weather. Whether rain or shine, you can maintain a consistent exercise routine at home, contributing to the development of a healthy lifestyle.

2. Reduced Risk of Accidents

Riding outdoors often involves navigating traffic, especially around buses and trucks, which requires heightened awareness. Indoor cycling eliminates safety concerns associated with outdoor riding, and you don't have to worry about traffic lights or the notorious red-light running issue.

3. Effective Training

For dedicated cyclists, indoor training is a highly effective method. It is more suitable and easier to follow a training regimen indoors due to fewer external factors, allowing for greater focus on each pedal stroke.

4. Monotonous and Boring

The biggest drawback of indoor cycling is the lack of scenery and the sensation of forward movement. To address this, you can use virtual reality cycling apps like ROUVY or watch your favorite shows while cycling to make the experience more enjoyable.

5. Sweat Corrosion

Indoor cycling tends to generate more sweat due to poorer ventilation compared to outdoor riding. Prolonged sweating can accumulate in specific areas, leading to corrosion and damage to metal components. Regular maintenance, recommended every six months, can help mitigate this issue.

 With just a bike and a training stand, you can start indoor cycling. Here, the author recommends using a smart training stand that can integrate with online cycling apps, allowing you to ride along with a community of cyclists, making the experience more engaging and less monotonous.
Indoor Training

To sum up the differences with outdoor cycling, here are some tips for those who want to engage in indoor cycling or training:

1. Temperature Control

Unlike outdoor cycling where you can't control the weather, indoor temperature is adjustable and crucial. Since there's no natural wind indoors, it's important to have air conditioning and a fan at a certain intensity. Wearing cycling shorts and sportswear is sufficient. If it gets too hot indoors, it can be uncomfortable.

2. Keep Yourself Entertained

Make the experience less boring by listening to music, watching shows, or using online apps. Riding at aerobic intensity while watching a show is a good combination. Watching a show while cycling provides entertainment and serves the purpose of exercising. Using online apps gives a gaming feel, and you can even invite friends for a virtual ride. Consider using Bike Tie Magnetic,for easy entertainment and rotation of the phone both horizontally and vertically during indoor cycling.

 The binding system is convenient for quick disassembly and assembly of the mobile phone when cycling
Bike Tie Magnetic

3. Avoid Sweat Accelerating Equipment Wear

It's important to prevent sweat from dripping onto the frame, especially because indoor cycling generates a lot of sweat. Getting your bike wet is common, almost like taking a shower. You can use a dedicated sweatband for the trainer attached to the bike, or cover it with a towel to avoid sweat corroding your beloved bike.

Indoor cycling can lead to more sweating compared to outdoor rides. Placing a towel on top can reduce sweat corrosion around the headset and handlebars. However, it's still recommended to perform a check every six months.
Compete indoors with a few friends to enhance the enjoyment of sports

4. Prepare Your Supplies

Indeed! Similar to outdoor riding, having the right supplies is crucial, and it becomes quite easy and convenient indoors. It's advisable to have a small table within reach to place your food, drinks, towel, and phone.

 One of the significant advantages of using a smart trainer is its compatibility with well-known online cycling platforms like Zwift and ROUVY.
Online Riding Software

ndoor training is most effective when you set a goal. Start from simple to challenging, gradually deepening your engagement. Don't just hop on without a purpose; otherwise, it's challenging to sustain. Playing with virtual cycling software can also make indoor cycling much more interesting. Let's enjoy the fun of indoor cycling together!