Bike Tie 4 + Power Strap

  • 4th generation strap structure fits your phone closely with stability enhancement.
  • High tensile designed for 4.7 inch to 7.2 inch smart phones.
  • Fast & easy disassembly and quick access to screen.
  • Does not affect Face ID / Touch ID operation.
  • Applicable to different pipe diameters, can be fastened to bicycle faucet or handlebar.
  • Elastic material reduces impact when going over humps.
  • Charge your smartphone easily while cycling by attaching the power bank.
  • X-Shaped Strap design allows you to place the power bank either horizontally or vertically.
  • Eco-friendly silicone material is stain resistant and washable.

Product Specification

Size W75 x H140 x D40mm
Net Weight 60g
Material Silicone
Patent Number M496380, ZL201420692730.8
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