Phone Tie Connect

  • Tie Connect system phone tie.
  • Innovative patented structure, fast assembly and disassembly on the "bicycle and running" connector.
  • High strength tie suitable for mobile phones from 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches.
  • Phone Tie Connect is compatible with fixed mount of bicycle computer.
  • Soft and hard two-piece design, flexible and durable, environmentally detachable, easy to recycle.
Bone TieConnect Bike+Running Tie Connect
Patented Tie Connect Connecting System

Tie Connect system

The 2021 new arrival from Bone, which is designed for those workout enthusiasts who want to carry their phone on the go. “Tie Connect System” was awarded TAIPEI CYCLE D&I AWARDS 2021 by iF Design Award for latest outstanding design. Both aesthetic and functional running & bike accessories you must have!

Cycling/Running, Fast Switching

One System Double Function

Whether you are cycling or running, you can quickly switch it in seconds.

Mobile phone disassembly in seconds

360° Rotation

Left/ right rotation 45 degrees for immediate removal.
Vertical/ horizontal rotation to be fixed.

Ultra Elastic Design

Universal Phone Holder

Ultra elastic design suitable for mobile phones from 4.7 to 7.2 inches.

Does Not Obscure Camera Lens

Asymmetric Structure

The upper and lower strap can easily avoid not to block the camera lens regardless if on the side or centered.

Soft and hard two-piece design

Hybrid Material Design

Soft and hard material can disperse pressure. No need for a vibration dampener anymore!

Bone Bike Tie Connect Bike Phone Mount
Stem Handlebar Mount, Flexible Use

Multi-usage on Stem/ Handlebar

Can be used on bicycle stem mount or handlebar mount.

Horizontal and vertical, fast switching

Easy Operation

"Phone Tie Connect" can be rotated 360° freely, just twist your phone to adjust the angle in horizontal or vertical position.

Quick release design

Quick Release Design

Wrap around onto Stem or handlebar like a watch, soft silicone will not scratch the frame of the bike.

For various pipe diameters

For Various Diameters

Suitable for different pipe diameters of 22-48mm stem or handlebar mount.

Special molecular treatment

Anti-Slip Design

With a special molecular treatment on the base to reduce slippage.

Shaking and Shock Absorber Test

Shock Absorber Test

Silicone can disperse the pressure from road vibration to protect the phone.

Perfectly compatible with Garmin system

Compatible with Garmin System

Patented Tie Connect system, compatible with Garmin bicycle computer.

Bone TieConnect Bike + Run Connect
Wrist and arm, change it freely

Fit Wrist and Arm

3 size armband (Size S+L+XL) in the kit, perfectly fit on your arm or wrist as your needs.

Universal Fit Arm Size

Universal Fit Arm Size

Applicable arm circumference 20-54.5cm
S:20-25cm (7.9"-9.8")
L:25-40cm (9.8"-15.7")
XL:40-54.5cm (15.7"-21.4")

Removable Run Tie-Armband

Quick-Drying & Breathable Armband

The Neoprene and Velcro strap designed with quick-dry and breathable material provides you the best wearing experience while running.

Product Specification

Size W70 x H126 x D8mm
Net Weight 39g
Material Nylon, Silicone
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