【Bone Review】Bike Tie Pro 2

Review: Bike Tie Pro 2

I love to go cycling on my own during weekends. I always use my iPhone to keep track of my courses and record. I am using Bike Tie Pro 2 by Bone Collection now as my bike phone holder, and I absolutely enjoy it!This is a very useful phone holder for road bike stem and it is perfect for Strava users. I am using this on a road bike stem and feel very non-intrusive and very aero profile.

I used to have a quad lock with a rigid case, but when I upgraded my phone, I found I needed to buy a new case and cringed at the cost. My last one got stolen so I thought I'd give this new design by Bone Collection a go. I'm a massive fan of the silicone phone holder, it is extremely flexible and stretchable. Furthermore, it fits my iPhone XS Max perfectly and holds it securely on the stem of my bike. The best part is that I have full access to the screen, so now I can make a call or answer my phone when I’m on my bike easily.

I really like how easy it is to attach and remove the holder from my bike, it's easy to take off so I don't have to worry about it being stolen when my bike is left outside. No tools needed its one piece. The softback means my stem doesn't get scratched and neither does my phone. I really like this simplicity, just me and my bike, my phone, for googling, for music. This is my simple life.