Bone (ボーン)ボタン


Interchangeable Buttons Keep You Engaged.

We know you crave colorful, diverse characters and a wide variety of designs, and we had a fantastic idea. We turn various characters into buttons that can be switched between our merchandise. A large selection of fun and cute characters satisfy the need for variety and fill your life with splendid surprises.

Eco-friendly Silicone for Easy Button Change.

Eco-friendly silicone material allows buttons to be rinsed with water without losing color. Just pop in the buttons and you can interchange different character designs. The soft silicone will not damage surfaces with which it comes in contact.

Colorful Character Fashion Show.

Our buttons are a collection of creativity, and you can interchange the designs as you like. Freely arrange the buttons for fun and enjoy the lively atmosphere! We provide many design choices that let you show off your style in a playful way.

Note: different button sizes are for different products.