Bone Design

【Bone Aesthetics】That's talk about basic principles of aesthetics and desig

Do you think you have no beauty at all? Always feel that the designer's ideas are difficult to predict? Let Bone take a basic aesthetic design class for you.

[Bone Collection on Design] Office Storage Tool – Dual Cord Tie

Helps you to manage your cords and find your “right” cable! Today, let's introduce the design concept of the Dual Cord Tie!

“Old Design‧New Story” Starlux Airlines little aircraft

The aircraft doll pen drive jointly launched by Bone and STARLUX, talk about this new star in the aviation industry that attaches great importance to design concepts.

[Bone Collection on Fragrance] Are you buying natural essential oils or synthetic flavors?

A lot of people choose essential oils as a way to relax in their own space. These essential oil products can give you relief from stress, relax your tense nerves, and even help you to have a good quality sleep. But are these scents really safe?

【Bone Design】The Design Evolution: Bone & Bubble

How did the concept of "Bone" and "Bubble" evolve and become the signature design of Bone Collection?

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