Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

Concerning the collection and use of user's personal information, Fruitshop International Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fruitshop International") has reinforced the protection measures according to the Personal Information Protection Act of R.O.C. and this Privacy Policy Statement. Please read the following for more details of the Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • No request of personal information will be made when users are browsing the Fruitshop International website and related websites. Users will be requested to enter their personal information when they sign up for member's services, subscribe e-newsletter, or join our activities, for the purpose of completing the services.
  • Personal information obtained by us and related websites is only for our internal use based on the originally intended purpose and scope. User's personal information shall not be provided to any third party or used for other purposes unless otherwise explained in advance or stipulated in R.O.C. laws and regulations.
  • Users'browsing activities in the website will be automatically recorded, including the IP address and software properties, but such information is only for web traffic analysis and network behavior survey with the purpose of improving service quality of the website.

Personal Information Released to Outside Parties

  • We will not lend or sell users'personal information to, or share it with, any third party unless for provision of products or services requested b users, or in the following conditions.
  • When information is collected by our business partners (e.g., service provider) on our website for assisting us in providing products and services. However, these companies have no independent rights to share this information.
  • When we respond to summons, court orders or legal procedures, acquire or exercise legal rights, or provide defense against a lawsuit request.
  • When it is necessary to share users'personal information for investigation and prevention of illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations with potential threat to personal safety, violations to Fruitshop International's terms of service, or for taking corresponding measures against the above conditions, or otherwise stipulated by laws.


  • Cookie is a medium for information storage, by which websites may send data to the user's browser and save it in the user's computer system. To browse the Fruitshop International website, users must set their browser to accept Cookies. Users may set the browser to send notification when receiving Cookies, so that users may decide whether to accept it or not.
  • Session Cookie is used to set up and access users'computer. This Cookie records users'login data when they visit our website, to provide users with convenient browsing environment. The Cookie will be deleted when users cancel or close the browser.
  • We have no access to or control on the Cookie used by our business partners (e.g., service provider) on our website. This Privacy Statement applies to the Cookie under the domain of only.

Change of User's Personal Information

  • When signing up for membership, users may set a login name and a password for themselves. Through the account, users may use member's services according to the website description, and change their personal membership information at any time. Please keep your member's login and password properly, and avoid giving such information to anyone. Please log out or close the browser when finish using.
  • Fruitshop International reserves the rights to send special messages about our service to users (e.g., service announcements, management messages). Such messages are considered part of the user's Fruitshop International account, and users have no rights to choose whether to receive them or not.
  • Users should contact us for deleting their account. Users'information may be kept in our record after an account is deleted.

Data Security

  • Fruitshop International restricts the rights to access user's personal information to staff who we reasonably believe require this information for providing products or services or for fulfillment of their job duties.
  • Fruitshop International has taken legally acceptable physical, electronic and procedural protective measures for protection of user's personal information.

Data Storage

  • To prevent loss of user's information due to computer failure or accident arising from human mistakes, we will regularly save a temporary copy of users'information when users sign up at Fruitshop International or transfer information to us.
  • When a user requests to delete an account, we will cancel the user's account information in the user database, and keep the information in back-up database for a period of time after the cancellation is requested. To prevent users from illegal fraud, users'information may be saved in the back-up database even when users'account information has been taken out of the operational user database.

Amendment of Privacy Policy

  • Fruitshop International reserves the rights to amend any item of this Statement. We will announce the amended Statement at specific place on the website, but no individual notice will be sent to members.
  • Please contact the company directly for any questions concerning this Privacy Policy.