Bone makes you different!

Bone makes you different!

Bone collection was established in 2005. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design. The ideas were inspired from details of our daily lives. We tried to create funny and functional designs to solve the inconvenient. Bone's heart touching design which were built up with passion and inspired from animals and funny characters presented functional, healing and funny user experience which closed to our lives.

The meaning in the creation of Maru Penguin is to remind us the habitat of penguin is getting worse due to global warming. Thus, Bone wants to be a brand that cares about environment protection. While providing ideal designs, we also try to reduce the burden on the planet.

From imaginative sketching to accurate 3D drawing, Bone cares all the producing details. Our goal is to offer brilliant design by persistent improvement in the quality of our creation. Nowadays, in this High-tech era, we delicate to bring warmth to everyone and make people to enjoy their life, to care about others and to protect environment. We make the ordinary life different with our different ideas.

Core Values

Ingenious Creative

Bone's design makes our life more convenient. We deeply look into details of life and try to solve small inconvenience which we already accustomed through creative skills and smart design. We input interesting ideas and funny characters to make the heart touching product which inspired from the daily lives.

Environmental Protection

Bone's product development process follows the principle of environmental protection from idea, material selection to packaging. Either product development or product operation, we try to reduce power consumption, reach optimized performance and reduce unnecessary burden for the planet.

Taste of Life

Bone presents different views, the functionality and creativity design comes from humorous attitude. Through the skilled selecting of materials and combination of color and modeling, your taste of life can be different.

Unconstrained Life

Bone believes human, artificial product and environment are symbiotic. While enjoying the convenient life, our creativity also helps people approach healthier and happier life experience. The human environment can operates in a more efficient way through our creative design, and also feels the simple & pure ideal of life.

Award-winning Design

iF Product Design Award 2011
iF Product Design Award 2012
Red Dot Design Award Winner 2011
Red Dot Design Award Winner 2012
Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention 2013
Design Plus
COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2009
COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2010
COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2011
TAIPEI CYCLE Design & Innovation Awards 2012
COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2014
Golden Pin Design Design Award
Golden Pin Design Mark