• Hike Tie Connect Kit 2
  • Run Tie Connect Kit 2
  • Bike Tie Connect Kit 2
  • Universal Phone Horn Stand
  • Lanyard WaterProof Phone Bag 2

Bone makes you different!

Bone makes you different!

Founded in 2005 in Taiwan and we are committed in product creativity. Bone carefully observe the details in life, trigger inspirations, and create interesting and practical designs. We put in effort in creativity and also focus on environmental protection by environmentally friendly materials when designing products and make extensive use of "universal design & common parts" design techniques. This lets every energy-consuming mold making and product production maximize the use efficiency to reduce the burden on the Earth.

Smart phones bring unprecedented powerful functions, even in walking, running, cycling, etc., there are more and more interesting experiences, recording the touch of every moment of life and do excerise.

Core Values

Ingenious Creation

Bone's design makes our life more convenient. We observe the details of life and try to solve daily inconveniences which people are already accustomed through creative ideas and smart design. Communicating through Bone's original characters to wake the inner child in everyone.

Environmental Protection

From idea, material selection to packaging, Bone's product development process follows the principle of environmental protection. Either product development or product operation, we strive to reduce power consumption, optimize performance and reduce unnecessary burden for the planet.

Living style

Bone presents different views, functionality, and creativity with a lighthearted approach. Bone applies premium materials and bold colors on all Bone production. Users can customize their unique style according to their preferences.

Healthy Life

Bone believes humans, human invention and environments are symbiotic. While enjoying a convenient life, our creativity also helps people approach a healthier and happier life experience. Bone devotes to make our life more efficient through innovative invention to a simpler and healthier lifestyle.

Award-winning Design

Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention 2013
Design Plus
TAIPEI CYCLE Design & Innovation Awards 2012
COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation Awards 2014
Golden Pin Design Design Award
Golden Pin Design Mark