Crossbody / Lanyard PhoneTie 4

Crossbody / Lanyard PhoneTie 4Move with Phone

  • Crossbody Adjustable Lanyard with elastic release for comfortable wearing.
  • No metal or plastic components, gentle on your phone and clothes.
  • Universal two-way phone lanyard, suitable for phones with side and center cameras (4.7~7.2 inches).
  • Includes ring charm, ensuring your phone won't easily fall.
  • Hidden buckle design, seamlessly integrates with the phone.
  • One-piece silicone, resistant to dirt, easy to clean, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, and easily decomposable.

Product Specification

W62 x H139 x D15mm
Length 50-80mm
Net Weight
Crossbody / Lanyard PhoneTie 4
Silicone, TPU
Form Factors
Snap On
SKU: LF23101-BK
EAN: 4710727605438
SKU: LF23101-WH
EAN: 4710727605445
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