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Do you think you have no beauty at all? Always feel that the designer's ideas are difficult to predict? Let Bone take a basic aesthetic design class for you.

Basic principles of aesthetics and design

People began to know how to paint on walls during the cave period, and after tens of thousands of years, art, aesthetics and design have become inseparable from our daily lives. When we have something, besides it being practical, we also want it to look good. It's like looking for a considerate, gentle and romantic boyfriend. If he's tall and handsome, it's more perfect, isn’t it?

People's pursuit of beauty is an innate instinct. When their living standard reaches a certain level, people usually will be concerned and pay special attention to the beauty of people, things and other matters in life. Women love make-up products and clothing, men like watches, sports cars, and so on, and these instincts are all about the pursuit of beautiful things. Although the aesthetic feeling is subjective and varies from person to person, because of the influence of the public aesthetic concept, most people have similar cognition. For example, comparing the "beautiful actress Angelina Jolie" with "Robert Schneider’s character dressed as a woman", most people will think Angelina Jolie is more beautiful.

Everyone's aesthetics and perception of beauty are different, but in fact, aesthetics still has several key "objective indicators". Let's use a simple method to explain the basic principles of aesthetics that designers can refer to:

1. Continuity

Through a repeated orderly horizontal, vertical and circular arrangement, the aesthetic effect is obtained.

Aesthetic beauty of horizontal and vertical circles

2. Specificity

A specific, regular order creates a contrast in the picture, producing a single unique and specific aesthetic feeling.

Single-specific aesthetic beauty

3. Symmetry

The beauty of the same elements being mirrored "up and down, left and right"

The beauty of up-down, left-right symmetry

4. Ratio

The most common visual beauty created by different proportions is the "golden ratio": 1:1.6

After separation of the image by the golden ratio, the upper and lower ratio is 1: 1.6

5. Contrast

When two sets of things, or elements opposed to each other, are put together and compared against each other, this is called "contrast". It will make the strong stronger, the weak weaker, the large larger and the small smaller. That is to say, through the relationship of contrast, the aesthetic composition of the individual elements can be enhanced.

The aesthetic of contrasting different round sizes

6. Balance

This belongs to the balance of vision. Different sizes and weights can also be balanced, the focus is on how to obtain visual stability and psychological balance.

Balanced aesthetic brought about by different sizes and weights

7. Harmonious coordination

When the two elements are similar, the contrast stimulus becomes smaller, which can produce a common order, and the two can achieve a harmonious aesthetic feeling

Harmonious beauty with similar color blends

8. Rhythmic

Regular or irregular repetitions and permutations, or periodic and gradual phenomena, are called "rhythm". It gives people a sense of movement with cadence and unity.

Aesthetic feeling of rhythmic S-line

9. Uniformity

To organize and arrange the same or different forms in an orderly manner, and to find common characteristics to connect them, is called uniformity.

Aesthetic feeling formed by different shapes and unified arrangement

10. Gradient

Gradual change has a certain order and law. "Gradient" can be divided into "shape gradient", "size gradient", "color gradient", "position gradient", "direction gradient" and "natural image gradient", etc.

Aesthetic feeling produced by the gradual change of circle sizes

After understanding the basic principles of aesthetics, how to apply them in the design and development of new products is another branch of learning. Born in Taipei in 2005, Bone has been focusing on the development of creative products for many years. How does Bone apply these basic aesthetic principles to design?

Is it lovelier to have a "Continuity" array of shapes above the wood diffuser , expanding the area of the wood’s surface coming into contact with the air, increasing the diffusion ability of the essential oil, and adding on the cute little Maru?

Cup tie (drink cover) , aesthetic feeling of the two circles (one big and one small) in "contrast", the small circle is a straw clamp at the same time

On the left is the hollow center of the hanging hole, so the size is larger, so as to "balance" the solid (smaller) protruding bubble shape on the right.

Lanyard wallet has a 1:1.6 golden ratio, with the body in the window area of the identification card

The Lanyard Phone Tie 2 adopts the symmetrical method. The top, bottom, left and right of the Bone trademark are symmetrical shapes, forming the middle concave area, which is the area where the card clip is fixed.

The shape of the annular arc arrangement around the Maskeeper’s logo combines the aesthetic principles of "rhythmic" and "continuity".

Run Tie uses different colors, shapes and weights to make a "balanced" design.

Bike Tie 3 is designed from a circular "gradient" to a convex circle, following the narrower rope shape of the upper and lower sides

Bike Tie Pro Pack is a highly functional and dynamic product

Bike Tie Pro Pack uses the aesthetic principles of "gradient" and "rhythmic

Run Tie Handheld uses the design method of “specificity” to arrange the Bone trademark in a round-lined position, surrounded with different shapes and colors.

After seeing the in-depth adherence of the Bone design team to the details of product design, have you further understood Bone and our products? Now look at the design products of Bone. With Bone, your life will be even more splendid! Bone makes you different!

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