AirPodsPro Strap Case

AirPodsPro Strap Case

  • Full Silicone protective case for AirPods Pro.
  • Two-piece design, complete protection with perfect fit.
  • Lanyard Design (Strap lanyard included, Lanyard can be purchased additionally).
Enjoy Music Anywhere & Anytime

Listening to music alone, watching movies alone ... Sometimes I just want to be alone. Simple moments of being alone have the widest view.
《AirPods Pro Strap Case》,Enjoy instant sounds , letting you roam in your own small world.

Convenient life style, do you feel uncomfortable …

Convenient life style, do you feel uncomfortable …

Trouble 1:Want to listen instantly

When I want to use headphones, I always don’t know where to store them.

Trouble 2:Afraid of it wearing out

The smooth surface of your beloved AirPods is most afraid of scratching and abrasion.

Convenient life style, do you feel uncomfortable …

Trouble 3:Afraid of losing the cover

Dropping everything as you go

Trouble 4:Want to be stylish

It would be better if it could be both practical and physical …

《AirPods Pro Strap Case》

|Easy to Carry |

|Easy to Carry |

The AirPods Pro protective case has a super stretchy wrist lanyard that can be carried on the bag in addition to being portable. The environmentally friendly silicone material that has passed the EU RoHs non-toxic certification is delicate and soft to the touch and enhances the quality of life.


|Easy Operation|

The elastic non-drop cover design tightly covers the body, which is convenient and unobstructed, while avoiding scratches and reducing the cushioning impact; the cover is opens smoothly (the maximum opening and closing> 90 degree angle), and does not block the headset itself.

Elastic Opening and Closing
Elastic Opening and Closing

Open it with just a few fingers


super elastic strap, strap length 17cm. Buckle design easy to hook & unhook. Strap can also used for other purpose.

Easy to charge
|Easy to charge|

The charging hole is designed with dust cover. No need to worry about dust or dirt get into it. The case is also support wireless charging.

Easy to install
|Easy to install|

AirPods Pro Strap Case installation

|Easy storage|

It can be hung on hand or tied to a backpack. Whether it is commuting, office work, subway , etc., the AirPods Pro Strap case makes you more convenient and practical.

Precise cutting, tailor-made
Precise cutting, tailor-made

1.Charging hole dust cover design
2. Elastic opening and closing design
3.Hanging hole design-replaceable long and short lanyard for easy carrying
4. Concise and elegant style

AirPods Pro Strap Case Comparison
Product Comparison- AirPods Pro Strap Case
Washable environmentally friendly silicone

The environmental protection silicone material is dirt-free, and can be washed directly without leaving stains.

Cute character, add personality recognition
Cute character, add personality recognition

The lanyard buckle can be purchased in addition to replace the character, colorful and diverse, personalized and cute characters add personal identification.。

 AirPods Pro Strap Case
AirPods Pro Strap Case

Maru Penguin / Patti Duck / Mr. Deer / Miao Cat / Black


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Product Specification

W50 x H240 x D26mm
Net Weight
Patent Number
M329359, ZL200720178057.6
SKU: LF19121-BK
EAN: 4712818791945
Maru Penguin
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Patti Duck
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Mr. Deer
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Miao Cat
SKU: LF19121-CAT
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