Bike Tie Magnetic

Bike Tie MagneticMagnetic Upgrade For Indoor And Outdoor Cycling

  • Outdoor Riding: Securely fasten your phone using the tether mode for outdoor cycling.
  • Indoor Training: Enjoy an unobstructed screen and unrestricted viewing angles with the magnetic suction mode for indoor workouts.
  • Includes 3M Adhesive Magnetic Plate and Protective Film: Compatible with all phone models.
  • Asymmetric strap design, compatible with smartphones ranging from 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches, usable for both side and central cameras.
  • Molecular-Treated Circular Tube Clamp: Securely fits tube diameters ranging from 22-45mm, preventing phone slippage.
  • Eco-friendly Silicone Material: Wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and washable.

Product Specification

W70 x H130 x D35mm
Net Weight
Bike Tie Magnetic
Positioning Card
3M Adhesive Magnetic Plate
Protective Film
Magnet, Silicone
SKU: PH23091-BK
EAN: 4710727604882
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