Bike Tie 4 Pro Max

Bike Tie 4 Pro MaxDual Straps Infinite Journeys

  • Suitable for folding, mountain, off-road, and other non/short stem bicycles.
  • Elastic dual-strap design, strong fastening, quick installation and removal, suitable for tube diameters of 19-30mm.
  • Universal strap design, elastic shock absorption, suitable for smartphones ranging from 4.7 inches to 7.2 inches.
  • Does not interfere with Face ID / Touch ID operations.
  • Attachment surface treated with molecular processing, increasing friction for stability and preventing sliding.
  • Integrated silicone, environmentally friendly and easy to decompose, resistant to dirt, antibacterial, and easy to clean.
  • TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2024 by iF

Product Specification

W90 × H130 × D44mm
Net Weight
Bike Tie 4 Pro Max
Patent Number
M496380, ZL201420692730.8
SKU: BK23121-BK
EAN: 4710727605803
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