Character Valve Cap

Character Valve CapYour Riding Buddy, Your Way

  • Compatible with both Schrader Valve and Presta Valve, suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.
  • Tightly wraps around the valve, dustproof, waterproof, and rust-resistant.
  • Choose from a variety of characters as your riding companion.
  • Made of environmentally friendly silicone material, all parts are washable.

Product Specification

Alien: W28×H32×D17mm
Miao Cat: W19×H34×D16mm
Mr. Deer: W24×H41×D17mm
Patti Duck: W24×H23×D29mm
Owl Wes: W22×H32×D16mm
Maru Penguin: W25×H33×D16mm
Net Weight
Set of 6: Character Valve Cap × 6
Others: Character Valve Cap × 2
Set of 6
SKU: BK24032-SIX
EAN: 4710727608132
Maru Penguin
SKU: BK24032-PEN
EAN: 4710727607388
Patti Duck
SKU: BK24032-DUC
EAN: 4710727607234
Mr. Deer
SKU: BK24032-DEE
EAN: 4710727607180
Miao Cat
SKU: BK24032-CAT
EAN: 4710727607289
Owl Wes
SKU: BK24032-OWL
EAN: 4710727607333
SKU: BK24032-ALI
EAN: 4710727607432
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