USB Desk Fan

USB Desk Fan

  • Two-way folding design with adjustable angles.
  • Detachable front cover can be cleaned easily.
  • 3 wind speed setting.
  • Build-in rechargeable lithium battery, battery can be used up to 5 hours operation (low speed).
  • Silicone base designed by anti-slip feature.
  • Press the cute character charm to turn it on / off.
  • Operation Time: Approximately 5 hours at Low speed, 4 hours atMedium speed, 2.5 hours at High speed; when fully charged.
 USB Desk Fan
Say goodbye to the hot summer
Summer is the beginning of the heat. How to say goodbye to the sweltering heat, and feel comfortable all day?《USB Desk Fan》 Enjoy the comfortable breeze anytime, whether in the office, bedroom or kitchen. Two-way folding design with adjustable angles. Enjoy a calm and refreshing summer time with low noise and 5 blades design.
The atmosphere was stuffy and stifling heat

The atmosphere was stuffy and stifling heat

Trouble 1 : Direction of Wind

Can not adjust breeze direction as you prefer.

Trouble 2 : Wind Speed Adjustment

Only with one speed, can not adjust the wind speed you need.

 The atmosphere was stuffy and stifling heat

Trouble 3 : Not Easily Carried

Not easy to carry with heavy pedestal fan.

Trouble 4 : Charging-Cable Is Too Short

Limitation to place the fan

Your saver in the summer《USB Desk Fan》

Your saver in the summer
《USB Desk Fan》

 Your saver in the summer《USB Desk Fan》
 Two-way Folding Design

Two-way Folding Design

Two way folding design, 90 degree adjustable angles and 360 rotation. Closer to your need and easy to storage.

8-Inch blade / 3 wind speed setting

8-Inch blade / 3 wind speed setting

Perfect size with 8-Inch blade, 3 wind speed setting can be adjusted anytime.

3 wind speed setting : :
First - Light Breeze - Speed 2.8m/s
Second - Moderate Breeze - Speed 3.7 m/s
Third - Strong Breeze - Speed 4.4 m/s

 Low noise
Low noise

"With low noise and 5 blades design, the sound is only from 30db to 50db. Perfect fan for work in office or stay at home."

Build-in rechargeable lithium battery
Build-in rechargeable lithium battery

With Micro USB charger, build-in rechargeable lithium battery. Can be charged with power bank, charger or computer. Do not restricted by wires, you can put it wherever you want. Can be fully charged with 3-4 hours after running out of power. It can continuously work for 5 hours after fully charged. (Low Speed)

 USB Desk Fan
|Product Comparison|USB Desk Fan
|Product Comparison|
|USB Desk Fan|
|Product Specification|USB Desk Fan
|Product Specification|
|USB Desk Fan|
|How to Use|
|How to Use|

1. Seat shaft is to adjust the height angle.
2. Wind hood adjusts the blowing direction.
3. Can be folded and stored when not in use.

Removable Net Cover
Removable Net Cover

The front hood is detachable for easy cleaning and easy to keep clean.
(Rotate counterclockwise to remove)

*The fan blades are not removable and can be wiped and cleaned.

Using Location

Office / Kitchen / Home

Eco-Friendly Silicone Base
Eco-Friendly Silicone Base

The non-toxic certified environmentally friendly silicone material covers the base, which not only has the anti-slip effect, but also has a warmer and skin-friendly touch.

USB Deak Fan
USB Desk Fan

Maru Penguin / Patti Duck / Mr. Deer / Miao Cat / Black

 USB Desk Fan

Product Specification

W210 x H295 x D15mm
Net Weight
ABS, Li-Ion Cell, Silicone
Cell Capacity
7.4Wh (2000)
Input Power
DC 5V/2A
Input Charging Time
<4 hour(s)
Cycle Life
Approximately 15000 hrs. ≧ 200 times times
SKU: LF20042-BK
EAN: 4710727591175
Maru Penguin
SKU: LF20042-PEN
EAN: 4710727591137
Patti Duck
SKU: LF20042-DUC
EAN: 4710727591151
Mr. Deer
SKU: LF20042-DEE
EAN: 4710727591144
Miao Cat
SKU: LF20042-CAT
EAN: 4710727591168
SKU: LF20042-LOT
EAN: 4710727591199
SKU: LF20042-MAV
EAN: 4710727591205
Mickey Mouse
SKU: LF20042-MIC
EAN: 4710727591182
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