Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether Tab

Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether TabRelax, Wear, and Go!

  • Elastic strap for stress relief, comfortable and skin-friendly, can be worn around the neck, crossbody, or on the shoulder.
  • Ring buckle design protects phone and case from scratches.
  • Interchangeable buckle for style versatility.
  • High-strength TPU phone clip, thin yet durable, doesn't hinder charging.
  • Fits all phone sizes, compatible with most cases.
  • Fully detachable and recyclable for eco-friendliness.

Product Specification

W60 × H38 × D3mm
Net Weight
Crossbody / Lanyard Strap
Phone Tether Tab x 2
Bone Charm x 2
Silicone, TPU, Zinc Alloy
Maru Penguin
SKU: LF24031-PEN
EAN: 4710727606930
Patti Duck
SKU: LF24031-DUC
EAN: 4710727606787
Mr. Deer
SKU: LF24031-DEE
EAN: 4710727606671
Miao Cat
SKU: LF24031-CAT
EAN: 4710727606831
Owl Wes
SKU: LF24031-OWL
EAN: 4710727606886
Miling Dog
SKU: LF24031-DOG
EAN: 4710727606725
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