Doesn't matter if you don't have a MTB yet, you can still enjoy mountain biking even if you know how to watch the race first!

In the realm of mountain biking, if you've ventured into the world of trail riding and wonder if there are competitions, the answer is a resounding yes! But where to watch these competitions and when the major ones akin to road cycling grand tours happen remains a mystery. Fret not, because we've got you covered. Let Bone Collection fill you in on all the details, and rest assured, mountain biking events offer an experience just as thrilling—if not more so—than their road cycling counterparts.

As the new year rolls in, signaling the arrival of a new season, it also heralds the dawn of a new biking season, not just for road cycling but for mountain biking enthusiasts as well, particularly in Europe and America where the sport thrives. Just as there are significant differences between mountain biking and road cycling, there are distinctions in the types of competitions each offers. While road cycling races tend to be straightforward, mountain biking events, much like the myriad of mountain bike types, come with a diverse range of playing fields. Let Bone Collection walk you through the various mountain biking competitions, offering you a deeper dive into the world of MTB!

Mountain biking races are shorter but packed with more intensity compared to road races.

#1 Cross-country Olympic (XCO) Mountain Biking Races

In a nutshell, XCO races are about looping circuits where the first to finish wins. However, these tracks feature plenty of uphill climbs and technical downhill sections, putting riders' bike control and individual skills to the test. XCO, short for Cross-country Olympic, owes its name to being a staple event in the Olympic Games. It's a classic among mountain biking competitions. Similar to road cycling, riders not only need excellent bike-handling skills but also must strategize when to draft and make tactical moves to gain a leading position. Tracks typically range from 4 to 10 kilometers, requiring multiple laps and wrapping up in about 1.5 to 2 hours, resembling a cross-country version of circuit races in road cycling.

#2 XCC (Cross Country Short Track)

The English translation is simply the mini version of XCO, shortening the original single lap distance to within 2 km. This also shortens the race time to just 20 to 60 minutes. Athletes with outstanding explosiveness tend to shine in this type of competition. Nowadays, many XCC events have transformed into XCO qualifiers, similar to GP races. This means athletes have to compete for a good starting position in XCC, enhancing the visibility of XC races. UCI also stipulates that "XCC and XCO events must use the same bike," ensuring the fairness of the competition.

#3 XCS (Cross Country Stage Race)

As the name suggests, it's like the multi-day races in road cycling, where each day completes one stage. If interrupted, subsequent stages must be forfeited, putting a significant test on the athletes' all-round abilities! Speaking of XCS, the most well-known multi-day race is the Cape Epic, held every March for 8 days. YT provides live coverage, with teams of two competing together. The two teammates must not be too far apart, or they will be disqualified. Teamwork is as crucial as individual abilities.

2021 Route: 621 km with 15350 m ascent 2022 Route: 657 km with 17250 m ascent 2023 Route: 648 km with 15475 m ascent

Every year, Taiwanese teams participate, completing the race is truly a pride of Taiwan (Source: Cape Epic)

#4 DH Race (Downhill)

More violent, simpler: it's all about going downhill. Riders are released one by one at intervals to see who can descend the fastest. This discipline embodies the highest speeds and greatest risks in mountain biking, making it the most thrilling of all competitions. Other variations include:

City Downhill

Similar to DH, but on city streets with simpler terrain.

Red Bull Rampage

Heart-pounding and absolutely exhilarating. Not for the faint-hearted.

More dangerous and exciting than XC races. Full protective gear is a must, and helmets should be full-face.

#5 Mountain Bike Races in Taiwan

Taiwanese mountain bike races are more like festivals than competitions, aiming to promote mountain biking while maintaining a spirit of camaraderie and joy. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, making it highly recommended for beginners to participate. Here are some famous mountain bike challenges in Taiwan:

Super 8 Seabiscuit Cup Trail Experience Tour 2023 Taiwan MTB Cross-Country Race Xterra Off-Road Triathlon Dirty Formosa Wheeling Taiwan - GRAVEL FUNDO

Here's a recommendation for a handy app – Trailforks. It compiles mountain biking routes and conditions from all over Taiwan, providing details such as distance, elevation, and altitude charts. It also offers reports on road conditions, notes on route precautions, and includes discussion forums, as well as sections for route photos and videos. Wondering what to do if you're riding alone and unsure of the route? Check out the mountain bike-friendly phone mount: Bone Bike Tie 4 Pro Max. In complex trails, your phone becomes your best companion! The "Bone Bike Tie 4 Pro Max" can be used without restrictions, featuring dual-strap design and professional vibration testing to effectively absorb road vibrations and protect your phone. Plus, its silicone material is washable, making it easy to remove outdoor grime and ensuring peace of mind while exploring hidden gems!

Let it guide you through exploring Taiwan's MTB routes!
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