Holidays one after another, irresistible delicacies? How to adjust after the holidays and regain the best physique and fitness?

We all know that in endurance sports, such as running and cycling, changes in body weight can have a certain impact on physical fitness. Some say that losing a kilogram can reduce the running pace by 5 seconds per kilometer. In cycling, a lighter body weight makes climbing easier. In scientific terms, this is explained using power. Both running and cycling can be considered processes of opposing gravity. The lighter the body weight, the less power we need to output. This is one of the reasons why athletes actively control their body weight.

To overcome weight anxiety and cultivate good habits, enjoy the holidays with ease. For amateur runners and cyclists, perhaps physical fitness is not the first concern. Instead, it's the dissatisfaction with photos on the track after gaining weight. Whatever the reason, as long as we know how to adjust and come back after a holiday full of good food and little exercise, we can live more freely and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.
Firstly, the author believes that mindset is always the most important. Unless there is a strong and motivating goal, we don't need to be too afraid of delicious food. Enjoy it when it's time to enjoy it. Don't feel guilty because of a big meal. Trying to compensate with more exercise or even dieting with a mindset of paying off a debt can increase the failure rate of weight loss. Enjoying delicious food brings joy, and exercise makes the heart and muscles stronger. We should treat our bodies positively.

Feeling regretful after a big meal is unnecessary and incorrect!

Furthermore, we must make adjustments to our diet. After enjoying grilled meat with lots of barbecue sauce, pineapple cake or mooncakes stuffed one by one into the mouth, and casually drinking soda or beer, although delicious, the high salt, high sugar, and high sodium content can still be burdensome to the body. At this time, we should try to consume more clean, whole foods. Whole foods provide the most micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that the body needs for metabolism.

Choosing nutrient-rich foods makes the body feel lighter.

Actually, we all know the principles of a healthy diet—eat lightly, drink less, and avoid fried foods. The most important thing is whether we can remind ourselves after a big meal. Delicious food always makes people want to eat more, but if you want to maintain an ideal body shape, finding a balance between indulging in delicious food and maintaining a healthy diet is the challenge!
Lastly, exercise is the most direct way to burn calories, and it can help offset the excess calories consumed during a big meal. However, this is also a matter of mindset. The author has seen many people feel guilty because they ate a bag of snacks, so they decided to run for thirty minutes. Although mathematically the calories are offset, exercise is seen as just a tool for redemption, neglecting the other benefits that exercise brings.

Why not invite running buddies to go out during the holidays!

Establishing a habit of exercise is the most relaxed and effective solution. I believe that regular runners can feel that after establishing a running habit, even if you eat more, your weight won't increase significantly. Regular exercise helps the body have better functions for metabolism, making it easier for us to burn fat as energy. Even if the amount of exercise decreases during the holidays, weight gain is less likely to occur.
Recording is also a good way to facilitate the smooth establishment of habits. Using a convenient app to record your exercise and diet can greatly help with adjustments and reviews during the process. Recording the exercise process can also give a sense of accomplishment. For those who want to use their phones to record during exercise, the Bone Collection Tie Connect 2 is indispensable. With its one-piece silicone and skin-friendly elastic band, the easy-to-remove design allows you to carry your phone during exercise without feeling burdened.

Let Bone Collection Tie Connect 2 help you establish an exercise habit.

In conclusion, facing weight and body shape is a concern for everyone nowadays. Weight doesn't increase significantly because of one big meal, nor does it decrease rapidly because of an extra hour of running. It is closely related to lifestyle habits. Adjusting the mindset and gradually building good eating and exercise habits in life, even when faced with various holidays and occasions to enjoy delicious food, there is no need to worry. Just enjoy it with family and friends!"

Reunite and celebrate with family and friends during the holidays, enjoying a feast together!
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