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We believe many people who love to exercise will have inquiries on “whether exercising is suitable before or after vaccination?" Today, let's learn about what to pay attention to before and after vaccination!

Let’s take a look at “Is it possible to exercise before and after the vaccination?”

Recently, the topic of vaccination has become one of the greetings. Presumably, many people must have a lot of doubts before and after the vaccination.

Among them, for many people who like to exercise, the biggest question for them is: "Can I exercise before and after vaccination?" Today, let’s learn about what to pay attention to if you would like to exercise before and after the vaccination!

Can I exercise before vaccination?
Yes, it is recommended to follow the original training intensity.

Many doctors pointed out that moderate exercise can be used to strengthen immunity before vaccination. Although it may not be able to apply for the new coronavirus vaccine, maintaining exercise habits is still good for the body. Therefore, those who have exercise habits can train according to the rhythm and intensity of their usual physical habits to avoid excessive exercise that can cause muscle inflammation and aggravate the discomfort of vaccine side effects.

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Exercise before vaccination is allowed, but avoiding increasing intensity is necessary.

Can I exercise right after being vaccinated?
Yes, but you must pay attention to:

1. Avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks after the BNT vaccine:
The most worrying issue now is probably the issue of BNT side effects that increase the risk of myocarditis.
The Ministry of Health of Singapore publicly recommended this year that after the BNT vaccine, strenuous exercise should be avoided for two weeks.
And it is recommended that physical education classes take stretching, and walking as the main exercise items to reduce the stimulation of the heart.

Sports not recommended: running, weight training, cycling, ball related sports, swimming etc. that are easy to respite. Within 28 days, you should carefully observe whether you have chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort symptoms. If you feel something is wrong, remember to seek medical treatment in time.

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In order to avoid excessive stimulation of the heart, after taking the BNT vaccine, it is recommended to take relaxing exercises such as stretching and walking.

2. Vaccine side effects vary from person to person, listen to the voice of your body:
However, regardless of the vaccine brand, the side effects vary from person to person. If you observe the body for 24 hours after the injection, there is no abnormality and get enough rest, people who love sports can begin with simple and easy training. And observe the physical condition at any time without carelessness.

If you have serious side effects such as fever and headache, don't rush to resume training first, drink plenty of water and rest, this way you can go a longer way!

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Just after the vaccine, observe your physical condition first, and focus on light exercise for the time being!

3. After vaccination, light training is recommended:
Within 3 days after the vaccination, it is recommended to exercise on the basis of "don’t let the body overworked". That is, don't rush to break the PR, break the running speed or the cycling distance and so on exercises that can bring new stimulus to the body. First follow your usual exercise rhythm, and then reduce the amount of training, so as not to overload the body and increase the inflammatory response in the body.

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If you feel unwell after the vaccine, take rest first, don't rush to exercise!

Let Bone reorganize it for everyone:
It is okay to exercise before vaccination, but it is recommended to train according to the intensity of physical habits.
After vaccination, depending on the side effects symptoms, rest within 24 hours after vaccination, and light training within 3 days, and observe the physical condition at any time.

Vaccine is the only way to reduce the rate of severe illness infections
Many people give up vaccination because they are worried about the side effects of the vaccine. However, vaccination is currently the best way to reduce the severity of illness of infection in medical treatment.

After the vaccine, pandemic prevention is still indispensable
After vaccination, you should still pay attention to pandemic prevention in outdoor and gym sports, wear a mask and disinfect at any time.
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Through exercise can enhance own immunity
Appropriate exercise is a good way to maintain good health and strengthen immunity.
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