Avoid Damaging Your Phone Camera While Using Navigation

Are you the king/queen of navigation? With your stylish helmet on and connected to Bluetooth, you hop on your roaring motorbike/car, and in a second, your phone is installed on the front, ready to guide you to your destination. But what if you can't use your phone's camera upon arrival? It's not bad luck, but rather, you may have caused the damage yourself. Apple has confirmed that using an iPhone mount can damage the camera, unless you choose a product with shock absorption to avoid damaging your phone's camera components.

Apple Confirms: iPhone Mount Can Damage Camera

Many people are used to installing their phones on motorcycle mounts for navigation, but recently Apple issued a warning statement that putting the phone on a motorcycle with a high vibration frequency can cause damage to the iPhone camera lens. This can lead to problems with the iPhone Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and autofocus functions. Apple recommends not leaving the phone on the motorcycle mount for an extended period and suggests using a shock-absorbing mount instead.

apple logo
Apple officially declares that using a mobile phone navigation bracket can harm the iPhone

Many motorcycle riders or delivery drivers rely on mobile phone navigation functions. Apple advises users not to install their iPhone on high-frequency vibrating motorcycles or cars, otherwise the vibration will be directly transmitted to the iPhone mounted on the phone holder, causing damage to the optical image stabilization (OIS) and autofocus (AF) of the iPhone camera lens, resulting in severe shaking or quality degradation when taking photos or videos.

Uber Eats delivery personnel use mobile phone navigation while riding bicycles.
Delivery riders rely on their phones for navigation while delivering food.

Apple stated that the camera modules on iPhones have passed durability testing, but for motorcycles with high-frequency vibrations such as heavy motorcycles, scooters, and off-road motorcycles, the high-intensity sustained vibrations can directly transfer to the iPhone mounted on the phone holder, causing displacement and damage to the lens group and OIS in the camera.

An iPhone camera malfunction due to vibrations, showing a black screen.
An iPhone camera malfunction due to vibrations.

Even though the amplitude of vibrations produced by regular motorcycles is relatively small, Apple still does not recommend placing the iPhone on the handlebar phone mount of a motorcycle without installing a "shock-absorbing mount to prevent damage to the iPhone camera lens OIS and AF system". They also remind users not to leave the iPhone on the motorcycle for an extended period of time to avoid problems caused by high-frequency vibrations.

A smartphone mounted on a motorcycle navigation mount using Google Maps
A common motorcycle navigation mount

Whether it's an iPhone or an Android phone, optical image stabilization (OIS) and autofocus technology are now added to the camera lens of smartphones to prevent blurry photos caused by hand shaking while taking pictures. This is mainly achieved by using gyroscopes and magnetic sensor components to help compensate for movement and vibration when taking photos or recording videos with your phone.

Both Android and Apple phones have OIS and sensor components in their cameras
Optical image stabilization is added to the camera lens of smartphones

How to Prevent Motorcycle Vibration from Damaging iPhone Optical Image Stabilization

Choosing a motorcycle phone holder with shock absorption function, or using an old phone as a navigation device for motorcycles, can prevent damage to the camera lens from shaking. Electric motorcycles do not have high-level vibrations, which can prevent problems with optical image stabilization (OIS).

Bike Tie Pro 4 and iPhone 5
Choosing a shock-absorbing phone holder or using an old phone is also a method.

Why Electric Vehicle Engines are Less Vibrating

The principle of internal combustion engines in gasoline vehicles is to use the internal energy generated by gasoline or diesel combustion to push the piston, thereby converting the internal energy into mechanical energy. The place where internal energy is generated is the engine cylinder, and the way in which internal energy is generated is through the explosion of gasoline or diesel vapor. The engine keeps running and the cylinder keeps producing explosions, which leads to the constant presence of noise and vibration in the engine.

Engine startup principle of motorcycles and heavy motorcycles, which produces kinetic energy through explosions
Illustration of gasoline combustion explosion in cylinder

The internal combustion engine of a gasoline car utilizes the internal energy generated by the combustion of gasoline or diesel to push the piston and convert the internal energy into mechanical energy. The cylinder of the engine is where the internal energy is generated by the combustion or explosion of gasoline or diesel vapor. The engine continuously operates, and the constant explosions in the cylinder cause the engine to produce noise and vibration.

Engine startup principle of electric cars, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles
Electromagnetic principles drive kinetic energy

Silicone Rubber and Other Elastic Materials Can Effectively Reduce Vibration

Silicone rubber and rubber are natural and environmentally friendly materials that are used in many vibration-reducing products, such as sports shoe soles, door stops, and shock-absorbing pads to protect the feet, door frames, knees, and other parts of the body.

Bike Tie Pro 4 attached to bike handlebar, firmly holding the phone, with silicone material to absorb vibrations and release energy through oscillation
Natural elastic material, able to absorb shock and release energy

The one-piece formed full silicone Bone Bike Tie Pro 4 uses high-tensile straps to securely hold various brand mobile phones, absorbs stress from the ground or engine through silicone molecules, and releases the force through swing amplitude, reducing damage and extending the life of the phone. The bike phone mount is also applicable to motorcycle phone mounts, providing protection for both cyclists and motorcyclists.

Bike Tie Pro on an electric bicycle, can operate the smart screen on the electric bicycle, combined with the mobile app to achieve more complete functionality
Bone Bike Tie 4, full silicone material, shock-absorbing without damaging the phone

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