【Bone Gossip】 Toy Story 4: A Can’t-Miss in 2019.

After 9 years of anticipating, Toy Story 4 is finally here!

The Gang is BACK! Toy Story 4: A Can’t-Miss in 2019.

As a Toy Story fan, or in general, a Pixar fan, you must have heard that Toy Story is back with its fourth sequel. It has premiered on June 21 in the US. Pixar has revealed that “Andy”, the main character and the original owner of Woody and his gang, will not be in the latest sequel. But don’t be disappointed just yet! Except for the exciting new characters, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Hamm, basically, the whole gang will be in the Toy Story 4!!! Do you still remember them the awesome old “Andy’s gang”? Or should I say, “Bonnie’s gang”? Bone Collection has partnered up with Disney and launched a collection of Toy Story products to enlighten your daily life with some Toy Story magic!

Woody-Q Cord Ties

Speaking of Toy Story, the first thing that comes to our mind is definitely - Sheriff Woody. He is Andy’s all-time favorite toy and his best friend. Woody has been the great leader physically and spiritually; he has overcome his prejudice for Buzz Lightyear and built an undestroyable friendship with him. He is the center of the toy family, and he will go through hell or high water for them. Who doesn’t want a friend like Woody? With Bone Collection’s design, you can have Woody anytime, anywhere.

Buzz Lightyear-Lanyard Fan

Let’s not miss Woody’s best pal - Buzz Lightyear, the Space Ranger who always aims to go “To Infinity and Beyond!”. He is just as loyal and righteous and will do anything for his friends and family. He has been through many adventures with the gang, let’s see what adventure Buzz Lightyear will take us to in Toy Story 4! Here in Bone Collection, we make Buzz Lightyear portable to spread some of his positivity.

USB 3.0 Little Green Man Driver 3.0 (32G)
Bubble Power Bank 6700mAh - Little Green Man

Aliens, aka The Little Green Man, are the source of the cuteness of the movies. They are adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Although Mr. Potato Head wasn’t really on board in this adoption, he unconsciously calls to them as “My boys” eventually. To be honest, who can resist these weird, adorable and grateful aliens?

Lotso Driver 3.0 熊抱哥隨身碟 3.0 (32G)

Last but not least, Lots - O’-Hugginn’ Bear, Lotso in short, perhaps the saddest and cutest villain in the film. He might be ruthless, but he smells like strawberry and loves to hug! His evil has not decreased his popularity among the Toy Story fans, and either for us. So if you like a bit of cute and angry energy, your wish has been granted by Bone Collection.

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