[Bone Collection on Disney] Of the 6 Disney parks in the world, which ones have you been to?

Was it Disneyland? Disney World? You must go once in your lifetime! Which of the six Disneyland parks in the world have you been to?

“To entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflection the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.” – The mission of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney is the dream factory that has created classic films and animations. Through combining different cultures, current events and social values, Disney's works have been able to successfully capture the hearts of both adults and children. Since mom and dad's time, Disney has always been deeply associated with Mickey Mouse, and even if you don't remember the titles of the films, you will definitely recognize the image of Mickey whistling while sailing, or grumpy Donald Duck shouting at someone or something. Although we may be in different age groups, perhaps you are the same as me, and are familiar with those classic Disney animations, such as Alice in Wonderland, the Lion King, the Little Mermaid to Peter Pan and so on. With the advent of the 3D animation era, although it has seriously impacted 2D animation, Disney has maintained its leading role in the industry, bringing us more brilliant works, such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Disney's creativity is not limited to moving images, but it also gives the public the opportunity of living in Disney's fairy tales! The idea of Disneyland originated in the 1950s, when Walt Disney and his daughter were having fun in an amusement park and they began to have their own idea of opening an amusement park. To date, Disneyland is located in four different countries across three continents, giving more Disney fans the opportunity to experience the magic of Disney!

There are currently six Disneyland Parks:
1. Disney California Adventure Park
2. Disney World, Florida, USA
3. Tokyo Disneyland + Tokyo DisneySea
4. Disneyland Paris, France
5. Hong Kong Disneyland
6. Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland is a place full of surprises. The six different Disney parks all have different theme parks and amusement facilities. Therefore, before going, you must do your homework, so that you can better arrange your time and enjoy yourself even more! You can easily Google these Disney strategies, plenty of them are available, but we want to tell you some other secrets about Disney:

1. Disneyland? Disney World?

Do you know the difference between Disneyland and Disney World? Reading about Disney parks, you will notice many different names, it can be rather confusing. It's clearly a Disney but what's the difference? In fact, the main difference is in the number of theme parks. There is only one Disney World, that is, the Walt Disney World in Florida! The reason why Walt Disney World is called "Disney World" is that it has the greatest number of Disney parks and is the largest Disney Resort in the world. Its land parks include: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Disneyland in other countries typically has a castle park, plus other themed parks, for example in Tokyo, there is a DisneySea.

2. Let Disney staff know that it’s your birthday!

If it’s your birthday,remember to let the staff know when you enter the park! You will be given a birthday pin or sticker. As long as you wear it to let everyone know that it's your birthday, while you walk around the park, staff who see it will give you some little gifts! When you see a Disney character, as long as you dare to ask, they will perform for you, or give you their autograph. Some Disneylands will have special activities for birthday people, so if it is your birthday, please make sure you let the park staff know!

3.Hidden menu

Whichever Disney park you visit, and wherever it is in the world, apart from the more familiar “American” food in the restaurants, there are many hidden meals that are not written on the menu. If you want to have them, you have to do your homework. (more hidden menu introduction: https://reurl.cc/NayYdp )

4."Andy is here!"

Inside the park, you can often see characters from movies and animations walking around. In addition to taking photos with them, tourists who are familiar with the stories can also interact with them and learn from them! In the past if you met the characters from Toy Story, and yelled "Andy's here!" at them, those characters would stop everything and fall to the ground like in the movie, but now to keep the personnel safe, they just stay still or hide behind a street lamp and scream, "Andy is coming!". For the tourists who are confident about their looks, they can also challenge the wicked queen as she walks around with her magic mirror. The wicked queen will respond, and also try to poison Snow White at the same time. It's very funny!

5. Take a deep breath on Disney Avenue!

If you're lucky enough to have been to Disney many times, or if you haven't but are going to go, you should pay attention to the "smells" in Disneyland. If you focus, you will find that on Disneyland Avenue, it often smells like freshly baked bread or freshly popped popcorn. In some of the other amusement facilities, you can also smell the corresponding situation. Disney has set up the ghost house to give it a really gloomy smell! According to former employees, Disney wants to create good memories for its visitors and deepen their experiences at the amusement park. So, if you are in Disney, please take a deep breath and remember what you can smell while you’re there. Is it freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, or maybe a fragrant garden?

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