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How about me giving you a history lesson about Mickey & Minnie so you can learn about the love history of these two souls and the design of Bone?

Bone Mickey & Minnie Collection

Bone makes you different. Bone has been using patented, creative design styles, playful and lovely original characters, and eco-friendly green materials to inspire its brand spirit. From the Apple products and peripherals, which were the starting point of the brand, to its later growth into environmental protection awareness, many green household products have been created that are associated with many well-known brand names! The most fantastic and magical has to be the Disney series!

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You can see these lovely cute characters, with Bone charms of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Stitch, Cup Noodles, etc., to cartoon character portable chargers, dual cord ties and so on! Disney is obviously a massive company that the entire world has heard of, and the blockbuster theme parks they have created are designed to ensure that adults and children all over the world never forget happiness. It reminds everyone to stay young at heart, to be full of hope, and to pass this vitality on to the people around them in our hurried real lives, so that others can feel the magic of happiness too! And who did the magic come from? Of course, it's that magical spirit that Mickey and Minnie created together. Next, let Bone’s editor introduce these two souls to you, so you will know more about them when you use products with their faces on!

Mickey wire reel

The first Mickey wasn't a mouse!? It was a rabbit!? Mickey's prototype was not a mouse, but a black-and-white rabbit named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The character was originally created by Walt Disney and his friend Charles Mintz in 1925, but the copyright was stolen by the publisher because of an argument over money. Walt was so angry that he formed a new team and recreated the character "Mickey" based on the pet hamster that Disney used to have and changed it from a rabbit to a mouse. Mickey made his official debut on November 18, 1928, with Steamboat Willie (although the first appearance was in the black and white cartoon, "Plane Crazy"), so Disney made this day as Mickey's birthday. By the way, Minnie's first appearance was also in this animated short film, so Mickey and Minnie have the same birth date.

Mickey’s original name was not Mickey Mouse

Originally, Mickey's name was Mortimer Mouse, but Lillian, Walter's wife, persuaded him to change his name, so he changed it to the cuter sounding Mickey. Although the name Mortimer was not kept for Mickey, Disney actually has a character who retains that name and he is Mickey's nemesis.

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Mickey couldn’t be the only one, so he created his only lover – Minnie.

Although Mickey had been successfully created, just one character wouldn’t have been able to support an entire story, so he created a popular flapper-style young girl, who always walked on the cutting edge of fashion, loved bright red colors, had big gloves like Mickey and a pair of big high heels. Minnie debuted in Plane Crazy, in which, Mickey invited her to take the first flight of the plane.

As mentioned above, Minnie's debut was in Plane Crazy. The story had Mickey inviting her to take part in the first flight of the plane. This first work showed that the two of them had a relationship, and then the second one was The Gallopin' Gaucho, which was released on December 30, 1928. But the relationship flourished in the third film where Minnie was performing for Mickey and Pete in an Argentine hotel. Both fell in love with her at first sight, and Pete wanted to kidnap her, but then Mickey carried out a heroic rescue. Originally, the three were set to be strangers in the film, but it turned out that before they started dating, Minnie actually had a boyfriend! This was Mortimer, Mickey's sworn rival that we mentioned above, who Minnie later broke up with because she couldn't stand his arrogance and thus she turned to be with Mickey.

Are Mickey and Minnie married?

Although none of the cartoons has showed any sign of their marriage, in an interview in 1933, Walt Disney said that Mickey had married Minnie off screen.... and Minnie was Mickey’s forever heroine. That’s about all the personal information of Mickey and Minnie, do you know anything else about them? This year (2019) is also the 90th birthday of the husband and wife pair! I hope Disney will continue to create more works like these and continue to use their spirit to charm the children of the next generation. This is Disney's magic that affects the whole world, and we are all surrounded by numerous peripheral Disney products that promote this spirit and help everyone to lead a happier life.

Being ordinary is not about being ordinary, it’s about allowing ordinary people to achieve a higher value through self-improvement. Walt Disney once said, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

This is the end of today’s introduction. Let us all wish our sweet mouse grandparents a happy 90th birthday! (Diamond wedding anniversary?)

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