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What to do if accidently spilled liquid into the laptop ? Especially when you have a Macbook, the maintenance cost for the laptop is almost equal to the cost of a new laptop. But don’t worry, follow the three steps to reduce the damage.

Don’t panic when accidentally spilled water into the laptop, follow the 3 steps to grasp the golden period of maintenance

We often put water aside so it is easy to take. However, if you accidentally spilled the water or liquid into the laptop keyboard, which is really dumbfounding and depressing. In particular, you bought a beautiful and expensive Macbook and prepared to use it for 5 years, but then you poured the water into the keyboard. The situation of spilling the liquid into the laptop really makes people want to scream, and then your head starts to run through the infinite memories with your favorite laptop before the incident, and it is more of the feeling of "If I knew it earlier, then it wouldn’t happen..." But now, let us hold back these feelings first, and deal with the laptop being spilled by the water/liquid is the current urgent thing to do! Although we hope that you will never encounter the tragedy of your laptop getting wet by accidently spilling water/liquid for the rest of your life. Now, let’s learn about the 3 steps to deal with when spilled liquid into your laptop, incase of any emergency.

laptop get wet
Accidentally spilled water into laptop makes people feel devastated

Emergency treatment step 1: Immediately turn off the laptop, and unplug the power supply and all other connected devices
After the laptop is water ingress, the most important task is to immediately shut down the laptop, and unplug the power supply and all other connected devices. The internal parts of the laptop are precise, and the continued power on after exposure to water will increase the corrosion of the parts, especially the damage to the motherboard, which may cost the same price as a new laptop. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to shut down and unplug the power supply as soon as possible.

Emergency treatment step 2: Wipe off any visible liquid on the surface of the laptop, and put it upside down
After shutting down and unplugging the power supply, in order to prevent more water from leaking into the keyboard of the laptop, it is necessary to wipe off the surface moisture as soon as possible, without letting any drop of water be left out. Then put it upside down to prevent water from flowing into the parts as much as possible.

Emergency treatment step 3: Send it to a professional for repair immediately
After the above 2 steps are completed, send it to a professional repair center as soon as possible, and recommend sending it within 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you are someone who uses a Macbook, it is recommended to pay attention to whether someone has sent a Macbook for repair in the Google comments. If your Macbook is still in the warranty and you have purchased AppleCare+, then you should send your Macbook back to the original Apple manufacturer for repair as soon as possible!
Through the dry processing technology of professional maintenance personnel and the complete inspection after processing, it may be possible to prevent the laptop from reducing too much of its operational lifespan.

Prohibition after water enters to the notebook - use a hair dryer to blow dry
Many people have a myth about the treatment when water enters the laptop. That is, dry it with a hair dryer. In fact, the use of a hair dryer will spread the distribution of water in the parts, which will increase the number of damaged parts. Therefore, after water enters the laptop, remember to never use a hair dryer to dry it!

laptop get wet, prohibited to use a hairdryer
Use a hairdryer to dry the laptop is prohibited

Do this: to prevent water from entering the laptop

1. Pour the water into the thermos bottle:
Pour the water into the thermos bottle, as long as the lid is tightly closed, even if you accidentally wave your hand, there is no need to worry about water leakage, drinking water makes you feel at ease.

2. Usea cup lid
If you like to use mugs for tea and coffee at home, it is recommended to cover the cup with a lid for extra protection. When drinking, you only need to lift a small corner, which can prevent you from shaking the cup when holding the cup in your hand, and splash the water on the laptop.

3. Do not drink water in front of the laptop while reading jokes or watching funny variety shows:
Laughing spray is also a kind of damage to the laptop, don't underestimate the amount of water, it may be a fatal injury to the parts!

4. Use the keyboard cover:
The most common place for laptops to enter water is the keyboard. If you can’t change the habit of putting a drink next to the laptop, then using a keyboard when using the laptop can reduce the risk of water seepage.

5. Put away all kinds of charging cables or power cables:
Having too many cables on table can easily hooked and spilled the water over, therefore, it is recommended using an small item to wrap it up, such as Dual Cord Tie, Let all the cables be wrapped up, to keep the table neat and tidy.

laptop get wet, cup cover to protect laptop, avoid laptop getting wet
It is really scary that its coffee and then its water. Cover the cup, put the charging cables aways, reduce the probabilities of water getting in.

After the laptop has been exposed to water, never think about letting it dry and wait for it to be used normally. You should cut off the power in an emergency, wipe off the water, and hand it over to professional technicians to reduce the damage to the laptop parts and save your beloved laptop as much as possible!

laptop get wet, use dual cord tie to protect laptop, avoid laptop getting wet
Tie up the power cables on the table neatly with a Dual Cord Tie, so that it won’t hook the water cup!

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