【Bicycle Racing Event】Welcoming the 2024 Tour de Taiwan, Initiating the Era of Cycling in 2024, Five Highlights of the Tour de Taiwan.

The annual international cycling event, Tour de Taiwan, is set to take place from 3/10 to 3/14 this year. With over 20 professional teams from around the world, riders will engage in fierce competition over the course of five days. The Chinese Taipei team has assembled a formidable lineup, and Taiwanese riders have also joined overseas professional teams to compete on the same stage. Let's take a look at the highlights of the 2024 Tour de Taiwan!

The Tour de Taiwan - Opening the Era of Cycling Every Year

The thrilling finish line scenes of the 2023 Tour de Taiwan.
The thrilling finish line moments of the 2023 Tour de Taiwan had spectators on the edge of their seats, filled with excitement and adrenaline.

Before the Tour de Taiwan begins, let's take a closer look at the highlights of this grandest annual cycling event in Taiwan, whether you've been following the Tour de Taiwan for years or it's your first time hearing about it!

1.Professional Teams from Around the World

This international event, ranked as a UCI 2.1 category race, is a multi-day stage race, spanning five days in total. It brings together over 20 teams from 15 different countries to compete at the highest level. It's a massive and high-quality event, being the only large-scale road-closure cycling event in Taiwan. Apart from the Chinese Taipei team, spectators get the chance to witness the skills of top-notch professional cyclists from around the world.

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2023 Tour de Taiwan - Taipei Stage
The first stage of the Tour de Taiwan starting from Taipei City Hall, featuring an exciting route along Ren'ai Road.

2.Five Consecutive Days of Racing from North to South

The Tour de Taiwan spans five consecutive days, starting from the north and heading south. The race comprises five stages, which vary each year. For this year, the five stages are Taipei City Stage, Taoyuan City Stage, Romantic Route 3 Stage, Nantou County Stage, and Kaohsiung City Stage. Due to Taiwan's diverse terrain, each stage offers different challenges and strategies for the participating cyclists. This diversity enhances the competitiveness and excitement of the race. For instance, the Taipei City Stage features exhilarating sprints along Ren'ai Road, while the Taoyuan City Stage includes challenging climbs at Jiaobanshan. Each stage presents its own unique highlights. If you live near the race route, consider attending the race to cheer for the Chinese Taipei team!

The five stages of the 2024 Tour de Taiwan.
The five stages of the 2024 Tour de Taiwan, spanning from north to south, feature a mix of flat roads and climbs, with each stage showcasing its own unique characteristics.

3.Strong Chinese Taipei Team

Since the Tour de Taiwan is an international event held in Taiwan, the Chinese Taipei team is an essential part of it. Every year, the Chinese Taipei team sends out five strong cyclists to compete for glory. This year, the Chinese Taipei team includes the likes of Lu Shao-Hsuan, Du Chih-Hao, Chang Chih-Sheng, Li Kuan-Hsien, and Wu Chih-Hao. Among them are riders from professional teams as well as those who have achieved remarkable results in domestic competitions. Additionally, Taiwan's top cyclist Feng Chun-kai and climbing specialist Wang Yin-chih will also participate in this edition of the race. With such a formidable lineup, we can expect these riders to add excitement and intensity to the five-day event.

The Chinese Taipei Team
The members of the Chinese Taipei Team participating in the Tour de Taiwan are selected from a pool of top cyclists, standing out for their exceptional skills and abilities.

4.Live Broadcast Throughout the Entire Event

An essential aspect of international races is their spectator appeal, and the Tour de Taiwan is no exception. It is the only event in Taiwan with a full five-day broadcast of the entire race. With high-quality live coverage and professional commentary, many viewers, including those new to cycling races, can enjoy the excitement. Within the framework of UCI regulations, there are various mechanisms and rules in cycling competitions. The broadcast includes graphics and illustrations to help viewers better understand these aspects. Once viewers grasp terms like sprint points, mountain points, yellow jersey, green jersey, and other professional terminology, they can immerse themselves more deeply in the enjoyment of the race.

The 2022 Tour de Taiwan broadcast scenes.
A professional live broadcast team enables cycling enthusiasts to watch thrilling races on their mobile phones.

5.Taipei International Cycle Show

As tradition goes, during the week of the Tour de Taiwan opening, the Taipei International Cycle Show is held concurrently at the Nangang Exhibition Center for four days. This event gathers major domestic and international bicycle brands, providing a great opportunity for parts suppliers to make purchases. It also allows the general public and cycling enthusiasts to experience a variety of new bicycle models, emerging technologies, and various types of accessories. Not limited to road bikes, mountain bikes, or electric bikes, all types of bicycles are showcased here. This year's exhibition will take place from 3/6 to 3/9. For cycling enthusiasts interested in all kinds of bicycles, stepping into this captivating mechanical space is definitely worth it.

2024 Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition
The 2024 Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition will be held from March 6th to March 9th at Hall 1 & 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center.

5.Taipei International Cycle Show

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